Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance Premiums

by Administrator 5. August 2014 08:32

Before buying a car, people usually consider features like style, comfort, fuel economy etc. but forget to consider the costs of auto insurance. Car insurance is an expense every vehicle owner has to live with. And if you have not considered auto insurance for your car, you may be at risk of losing on your vehicle’s total ownership. The amount of insurance depends on the type of car, whether it is a small car, sedan, SUV, sports or luxury car. It is not surprising to know that foreign cars are expensive while domestic cars are cheapest. Below are given some factors that can help you decide the least and most expensive cars to insure:

  • Sizing up the costs: People who usually presume that smaller cars are safer and have a higher rate of accident avoidance perhaps need to know that this is a common misconception. Since small sports cars are driven by young and reckless drivers, they are at higher risk of accidents which in turn makes them expensive to insure. Larger vehicles like SUV’s can easily cover up liability premiums if they are involved in an accident. Therefore, cars in mid-size category like mini vans, mid-size SUV’s or sedans should be considered.
  • High Premiums on High End Cars: The cost of vehicle is an important consideration before deciding on a policy. More expensive cars have higher costs of insurance because replacing and repairing the expensive parts or vehicle cost more than other brands.
  • High rates for big motors: Vehicles that have higher horsepower have costlier insurance. This is because people tend to drive such vehicles at high speeds and are more prone to accidents. However varying engine sizes can also bring a difference in insurance costs.
  • Personal Records: Driving experience matters a lot and therefore, young drivers have to pay more for insurance than old ones. Also, drivers who have been involved in accidents in the past are liable to pay more than who are not. The area in which the driver lives, such as urban, semi-urban or rural, is also considered. If there is a high frequency of theft and accidents in his area, the driver has to pay more for insurance than the one living in another area.
  • Increase in costs due to thefts: Cars that are durable and have higher demand of its parts are commonly targeted by thieves. If the car to be insured is a target for thieves, then it will incur higher premiums.
  • High insurance for sports car: Sports cars have the tendency to go at higher speeds which makes them more vulnerable to accidents. Due to this, their insurance costs are very high.

Before deciding on a policy for your vehicle, the insurance company takes into account all factors including the make of the car, its price, horsepower, your age, driving records etc. One should research the vehicle carefully before going ahead with the purchase to avoid higher costs of premium on auto insurance. For more information about auto insurance, please contact us at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc at (800) 212-2641.

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Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

by Administrator 14. July 2014 07:28

Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage Liability (PD) coverage are the most important aspects of your auto insurance policy. If you are involved in an accident that was your fault, then Property Damage Liability pays for the damage caused to the other car. It also covers you if the other person files a lawsuit against you. In case the person concerned is injured then Bodily Injury pays for their medical expenses for their physical injuries.

Bodily Injury - What it covers:

This insurance policy is meant to cover for medical expenses of the person injured in accident because of your fault. This policy covers for lost income from time off work, long term nursing care and any legal lawsuits filed against you. However, there is an exception to this policy which states that this policy will not cover for damages caused by accident intentionally. Therefore, a policy should be clearly read to see what aspects are covered in case you are involved in an accident.

Bodily Injury Coverage is required in most states for people who own cars and minimum required limits are controlled and managed by each state.

Property Damage Liability – What it covers:

When you damage other person's property and damage their properties, PD helps pays for all the expenses thus incurred. Any damages, fixtures and repairs involved, damages to property like fence, house, and vehicles are covered under this policy. If the person who suffered damages to their property has filed lawsuit against you PD covers that as well.

Most states require an auto owner to have some form of liability insurance and property liability insurance ensures all the damages caused by you are covered.

Amount of coverage needed:

The amount of coverage that is needed depends on each individual and also the fact how much you want to protect your income and assets. BI has two bodily injury limits namely, limit per person pays for only one person involved in accident and limit per accident pays for medical expenses when multiple people are injured in the car accident. For Bodily Injury, it is important to buy the highest bodily injury liability coverage limit that you can afford. If the insurance amount is not sufficient to pay for the damages then you are putting your assets at risk. PD covers damages and repairs of damaged vehicles and damaged Property like fence, house etc.

Insurance policies can protect you from a lot of problems that are unseen until you find yourself in an accident. we, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency Inc, are an independent insurance agency in Texas specializing in auto insurance. We have flexible insurance policies to fit each and every budget. For more information on our insurance policies, call at (254) 526-0535

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Don’t Fall Short on Car Maintenance: Insurance Killeen

by Administrator 4. June 2014 11:51

Car maintenance is a very important aspect that an insurance company looks into before settling a claim. When you get involved in an accident and claim insurance you should make sure that your car was fully maintained in the first place. If this is not the case, you might not get the insurance money.

Read on to know what all aspects you need to take care of so that you don’t fall short on car maintenance.

  • Improperly inflated tires are one of the major causes of accidents. In case of a deflated tire, you might also find yourself stranded alone on the roadside. Therefore, a tire pressure gauge must be used to maintain the correct inflation levels. Tire manufacturers are experts in this and you must contact one to know the right tire pressure for your automobile.
  • In case your power steering fails, it is almost impossible to control your car. So, it is imperative to check the power steering fluid to keep it functioning smoothly.
  • Similarly, you must also check for the correct oil level in your car. Simply use a dipstick to know the exact level of oil. Changing oil on a regular basis is highly recommended as this is one of the important factors that keep your car running smoothly. This will also help you determine any oil leakages and prevent any accident.
  • Regular maintenance of any car involves checking the brake pads. They are very important in case you want to prevent an accident. If your brakes are not in a good condition and you get involved in accident because of the same, the insurance company will not entertain any of your claim requests. So, be careful and get your brake pads maintained on a regular basis.
  • As mentioned above, the pressure in your car tires is an important factor that can prevent road accidents. However, the tires themselves have to be well-maintained too. You must regularly check your tires for any sort of wear and tear. Any bulges must be immediately taken into account as they can cause your car to skid on the road leading to a major accident.
  • If even a single light in your car is not functioning properly, it is a really dangerous sign as far as road safety is concerned. Moreover, when the insurance company will come to know about it, you are bound to lose your monetary claim. Therefore, regularly maintain your brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights etc. This is a very important criterion for preventing accidents.

Keeping the above pointers in mind will keep your car in the best of shape and avoid road accidents. In case you fall short in any of these departments and get involved in an automobile accident, the insurance company is not going to be kind to you.

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Affordable Car Insurance In Harker Heights

by Administrator 12. May 2014 10:18

Every car owner would like to have his or her prized possession on wheels to be fully insured. This helps in taking care of any unwanted costs if an accident would probably happen in the future. There are a number of ways that can help you in saving a lot of money when it comes to auto insurance in Harker Heights. Read on to know more.

  • Before you buy your next car it is a great idea to check on the insurance rates first. Insurance companies, these days, fix the rates depending upon the kind of damage that your vehicle can inflict on the road. SUVs for example, can be more damaging than a sedan, in case an accident happens. Therefore, it always helps to have a fair idea about the insurance rates prior to the actual purchase of the car. This way, you can decide on the car to buy after taking into consideration the insurance costs as well.
  • It is also important to go a little easy on accessories and gizmos for your car. In the event of an accident or a theft of vehicle, the insurance company will estimate the value of your car only at its current market price. It might not take into account the money that you have spent on getting alloy wheels or stereos for the car. Therefore, invest wisely in accessories and you could actually end up saving a lot on your expenses.
  • Another way of saving on auto insurance is going in for a package of insurance policies. You can actually save a lot through discounts if your auto insurance policy and the other policies and all with one agent.
  • A new and innovative way of saving on auto insurance is ‘Telematics’. This is a way of having a GPS installed in the car, so that the company has a fair idea if the car is being driven safely or not. As long as the driving is within the safety limits, it might actually help you cut down on the insurance expenses. Thus, Telematics can be an effective way of getting affordable car insurance.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency Inc takes pride in providing clients with economical and affordable auto insurance plans. We provide a range of options to cater to your specific needs. Our agents are experienced and customer-friendly and we provide the best insurance quotes online. Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with affordable car insurance.

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Killeen Insurance: Essential Tips For Safer Biking

by Administrator 11. March 2014 09:17

Bike accidents are common and often prove to be fatal; therefore, it is important for people to know about some safety measures that they need to adopt while on road. Before you set off biking, be prepared and give priority to your safety. Here are some tips that will greatly help you remain safe on the road.

  • Do not Drink & Drive: While on the road, use your common sense and never ride while drunk.
  • Wear Helmet: It is found that most of the accidental deaths occur due to severe injuries to head; therefore, it is crucial to wear a good quality helmet when you ride a bicycle or a motorbike. It is also important to replace it after every couple of years, as sun’s ultraviolet radiations, wear and tear over time, and other factors reduce the effectiveness of helmet and make it unsafe. Ensure that your helmet covers your forehead.
  • Wear protective clothes: Wear suitable clothes that can reduce the impact if you accidently fall or rub against the road. Special biking jackets and boots protect you from road and save you from breaking a limb or scratching your skin.
  • Remain visible: If you are riding at night, then it is essential that you wear reflective clothes or fluorescent colored clothes so that you are visible from a distance. You should also have a white light in front and a red light at the back of your bike. Many accidents take place because vehicle drivers fail to see bikers in dark and hit them unknowingly. Increase your chances of being noticed and remain safe.
  • Follow road rules and keep distance: To be safe, always ride on the right side of the road and follow all the traffic rules. Watch for pedestrians, potholes, and rubbish. Use special lanes (if there are any) and ride away from parked vehicles. Ride on a safe route and slow down near lined up vehicles. Keeping distance from vehicles ahead, gives you time to react to vehicles and road conditions; therefore, always ride at a safe distance.
  • Learn riding from a professional: Though it is convenient and cheap to learn bike riding from a friend or an elder; however, it is better to learn it from a trained professional at an accredited training school. They will not only teach you riding, but also help you secure insurance.

Be alert and avoid situations that can lead to accidents. Following these tips will help you enjoy a safe ride.

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