Home Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. February 2014 21:45

A lot of buzz has been created by the real estate industry today. Whether it is prospective tenants and buyers looking for new homes, or property owners looking to sell or rent, the industry is witnessing a plethora of activity. And when there is so much happening with respect to property, insurance becomes an important factor.

A lot of options are available for home insurance in Austin TX. We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc offer comprehensive home insurance services to our clients with minimum hassle involved. The idea is to enable you to live in your home with family in a peaceful frame of mind.

  • We offer home insurance policies for both homeowners as well as renters. Some of our home insurance policies popular with clients are: Home Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Renters Insurance.
  • Availing any of these policies will help ensure that your house in Austin and its possessions are protected.
  • Home Insurance and Homeowners Insurance ensure two-dimensional protection for your house, both inside and outside. You can get the desired insurance quote by getting in touch with any of our representatives.
  • Home insurance is nothing but a way of securing your investment in a house, whether you intend to stay in it or rent it out to somebody else. In the event of any natural calamity such as a storm or a fire, or any other unwanted incident for that matter, a home insurance will ensure that the damage can be covered up. Another aspect that home insurance takes care of is the legal liability that you might incur in case somebody gets injured on your property.
  • A variation of the Home Insurance is a Condo Insurance. An owner of a condo is solely responsible for insuring it; the condo association does not take any responsibility for the same.
  • Renters Insurance is important from a tenant’s perspective. Situations such as fire or theft could happen to anyone, and your home owner might not cover them. To meet such contingencies and compensate for the financial losses incurred, an insurance policy of the renter becomes important.

So the next time you wish to buy, sell, or rent a home in Austin in Texas, make sure that you get the right kind of insurance policy so as to cover up for any unforeseen damages to the property. We endeavor to provide you with the best of insurance policies that will take care of all the formalities involved in the process.

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Renters Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. December 2013 20:09

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc specializes in Progressive’s line of insurance products, which bring with them a stamp of reliability, offering you the high degree of protection that you are seeking. We put an end to your search for the best renters insurance in Austin, by offering you a wide range of coverage options to choose from. Our associates shall discuss your requirements and expectations with you, and help you to choose a Renters Insurance policy best suited to your needs.

Renters insurance is essential to protect your apartment or rental house, as well your possessions. Most people get mistaken to believe that they do not need an insurance policy when they are renting a home. While some landlords require you to purchase such a policy as part of their lease, it is advisable to do so even if you are not required to. Our renters insurance policies can help to protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions during your stay in a rental accommodation.

Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in many ways, as it helps to safeguard you in the face of inevitable situations such as fire, theft, water damage, and other unforeseen circumstances that might not be covered under your landlord’s policy. We offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of coverage, and the personal items and possessions that you wish to be covered under the policy. A typical renters insurance policy provides coverage up to the specified limit for personal property, personal liability, and damage caused to the house or property by a loss covered by the policy.

Renters insurance will cover damage caused to your house or personal items while you are at home, as well as when you are outside. This includes anything, right from a building fire to your toaster catching fire, or a friend slipping while visiting you. With the large number of coverage options involved in renters insurance policies, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. The staff at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc will take out the time to ensure that you understand all your options, and shall provide you with valuable advice for the best plan to suit your needs and budget.

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Before You Buy Home Insurance

by Administrator 16. September 2013 11:27

As much as every homeowner wishes that they never have to use their home insurance, it is an inevitable expenditure, which is a vital part of protecting your home. With all the intricacies involved in purchasing home insurance, it can be tricky to know what you need and what you don’t, and to find the best deal for your needs.

Shawn Camp Insurance is a Texas-based insurance agency, which serves customers in Austin, Killeen, Harker Heights, and several other locations in Texas. We are dedicated to helping you to find the right deal on your home insurance policy. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, we can help you get the best and cheapest home insurance policy to protect your possessions. 

Enlisted below are some key facts that you should be aware of before you buy home insurance:

  • The basic coverage that most home insurance policies includes is the house itself, garages/ work-sheds/ other separate structures, possessions in the house, and liability exposure for the owners as well as guests on the property.
  • Even though the law in most states does not require homeowners to have insurance, most mortgage lenders in Austin and other cities in Texas require it in their contracts. 
  • The premium of the insurance policy is affected by the value of the property, the credit score of the policy holder, the general safety of the locality (crime rate, proximity to fire services/ police), catastrophic probability, structure of the house (wood versus brick), etc. 
  • Home insurance policies typically have inclusions such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, power failure, nuclear hazard, mold damage, etc. You might want to consider supplemental coverage if you live in an area that is prone to damage that is not included in your policy.
  • The coverage for personal possessions like jewelry, cash, etc. is also limited. However, most insurance companies have a provision for customers to purchase riders that can increase the coverage of particular items. 
  • The interesting thing about a homeowners insurance policy, is that it can also be used to protect possessions that are outside the home. For instance, if some personal belonging of yours is stolen from your car, it is possible to receive compensation for it from your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Preventive actions like a working smoke alarm, a burglar alarm, a fence around your pool, etc. can go a long way in bringing down the cost of your home insurance premium. 

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Why Buy Condo Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 5. August 2013 09:18

Condominiums are becoming an increasing popular accommodation option, with the fresh space, amenities, and shared living providing an affordable, yet comfortable space. However, when it comes to taking responsibility for when something goes wrong, there is often confusion as to who the onus of maintenance rests upon- the condo association or owner or the resident? While the terms of insurance for condominiums in and around Austin vary depending on various factors, the association’s general insurance policy is usually limited to the building’s structure, common areas, the property, and the grounds.

However, the protection of your personal belongings is your responsibility, making condo insurance an option worth considering. A personal condo insurance policy could be a better option than home insurance for you in this case. Shawn Camp Insurance, based in Austin, a leading insurance company in the region, provides a variety of customizable options for customers looking for condo insurance. You could choose to further expand your condo insurance by including upgrades that you have made in the building during your stay there, as well as your personal liability.

Deciding how much coverage you need in your condo insurance for personal belongings could be tricky. An easy way to figure that out is to itemize all your personal belongings, such as electronics, jewelry, clothes, furniture, etc., and draw an estimate of how much it would cost you if you were to repurchase all these items. You could then choose between having these personal assets insured against a specified list of common perils, such as fire, lightning, vandalism, windstorm, hail, falling objects, etc.; or if you would like a comprehensive plan that covered every possible incident that could occur. If you have any items that are of exceptionally high value, it is advisable to have them scheduled separately in your policy for added protection.

It is advisable to keep photographs or video recordings of your personal belongings, along with any serial numbers listed on them, at a separate place, safely. This would help to make the process of receiving claims in case of an incident a lot easier than it would be without visual proof. Also, make sure that you carry out an update of your personal inventory whenever you add something new to your belongings. Getting condo insurance not only protects your personal belongings, but it also ensures liability coverage if someone is injured on the property, along with covering damage to any additions made in the condo structure, and ensuring clean-up following a disaster.

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