FAQs About Auto Insurance

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If you own a car, you are probably planning for the best options of auto insurance near you. Auto insurance offers the protection you need against damages to your vehicle in case of an accident.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding auto insurance which may be helpful in choosing the right auto insurance:

When to Buy Auto Insurance?

The right time to buy auto insurance is right after buying your car. In most states, it is illegal to drive a vehicle that has not been insured. The situation may also be financially draining in case of an accident.

Where to Buy Auto Insurance From?

The best place to buy auto insurance is a reliable and experienced insurance company in your neighborhood. Research on insurance options offered by the company, request an insurance quote and talk to their experts as to which insurance policy will be the best for your needs.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of auto insurance is governed by multiple factors. These factors include the coverage limit, type of vehicle, cost of vehicle, deductible, type of coverage, etc. The cost can also be reduced by using discounts such as no claims discount.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

It covers bodily injury and property damage liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured/underinsured, motorist coverage, loan/lease payoff coverage, medical payments coverage, customer parts and equipment/accessory coverage, rental reimbursement, pet injury coverage and roadside assistance.

Will Compensation Be Provided to a Passenger?

The bodily injury and property damage liability will provide compensation for medical expenses and damages caused to a passenger. The amount of compensation depends upon the coverage limit bought by you.

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance refers to the coverage provided for a Loan/Lease Payoff. The insurance coverage provides protection when a vehicle is stolen and cannot be recovered. The coverage is highly recommended for vehicles that are on lease or have a pending loan amount. This insurance can be bought only if the loan/lease is held by a bank/financial institution.

Auto insurance helps in providing a financial cushion against any losses that may be incurred due to an accident or other unforeseen events. Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a wide range of auto insurance coverage options. The insurance buyers can also opt for personalized insurance to meet individual requirements. To know more about auto insurance in Killeen, contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, TX - 76542. You can also log on to www.shawncampinsurance.com or call (254) 526 – 0535.

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What is Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Auto Coverage

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Basic Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

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Bikes or motorcycles are more prone to risks and dangers. This calls for the suitable precautionary measures and coverage. Motorcycle insurance offers financial coverage against damages incurred due to accidents, vandalism, theft, third-party liability, natural calamity, and many more.

What coverages are provided as part of the motorcycle insurance policy?

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

This covers damage to the other party in case you are the one at fault in an accident. In addition, motorcycle Insurance covers accident-related third-party liability, including property damage expenses and medical payments.

Comprehensive & Collision

A comprehensive plan covers expenses arising when your motorcycle is stolen or damaged in an accident (repair or replacement).

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage comes in handy when the defaulting party in an accident does not have an auto/motorcycle insurance cover (uninsured) or is insufficiently covered (underinsured). In addition, expenses incurred due to medical treatment and lost wages are covered under Motorcycle Insurance.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments coverage provides financial assistance by covering the medical expenses arising from the accident, irrespective of who is at fault. Medical payments have a specific limit up to which they can be availed.

Custom Parts & Equipment

In case motorcycle parts and accessories are not readily available in the market, Custom parts and equipment cover ensures that these accessories and parts can be replaced in the event of a motorcycle accident (limits can again vary depending upon the insurance plan you choose)

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is on-ground assistance that covers the expenses of towing your vehicle to the nearest repair facility. It also covers the labor costs in case your motorcycle breaks down or has a mechanical failure while you are on the road. 

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency Inc. is an independent and reputable insurance agency that serves the residents across Texas, including the cities of Killeen, Copperas Cove, Gatesville and Harker Heights. Shawn Camp Insurance Agency Inc. offers protection for your assets and investments by specializing in home insurance, auto insurance, car insurance, RV & travel trailer insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, watercraft insurance, golf cart insurance, and renters insurance. The agency offers insurance policies that can accommodate each person's unique needs and budgets by providing a variety of insurance plans.

Browse through www.shawncampinsurance.com to choose the best coverage for your motorcycle insurance. You can also visit us at 2707 East Hwy 190, Copperas Cove, TX 76522.

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The Basics of Buying Insurance

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Everything You Need to Know About RV Insurance

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RV insurance is specifically created to protect your RV from the financial loss incurred due to unfortunate events like accident, weather damage, theft, vandalism and more.

Here are some basics that you need to know about before insuring your RV.

Benefits of RV Insurance

  • Allows protecting your passengers
  • Prevents financial strain
  • Safeguards your possessions (in the RV)
  • Stress-free travel
  • Can be customized as per the usage and need
  • It is mandatory to carry RV insurance to avoid legal penalties
Types of Recreational Vehicle

Different RV classes have different insurance requirements. Here is the breakdown of RV classifications to help you choose right RV insurance.
  • Class A: These are big, ultra-luxurious RVs, featuring loads of amenities; also known as motorhomes.
  • Class B: These are much smaller RVs, called campervans or sleeper vans.
  • Class C: These are fuel-efficient & less expensive campervans built on a truck or van chassis.
  • Towable RV: Towable RVs include fifth wheel travel trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers with expandable ends, pop-ups, folding camper trailers and truck campers.
Cost of RV Insurance

Cost of your RV insurance depends on numerous factors like the class of vehicle, usage, driving history, plan you choose, etc.

Coverages Provided Under RV Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability: In case you are at fault for an accident, RV Insurance covers accident-related third-party expenses including medical payments.

Property Damage Liability: RV Insurance coverage provides a financial safety net and pays for the damages caused to another person’s vehicle or property. It also safeguards your RV and possessions such as clothing, jewelry, binoculars, laptops, camcorders, etc. inside the RV when you are traveling.

Comprehensive & Collision Options: RV Insurance pays for collision & non-collision damage caused due to unfortunate events like accidents, theft, fire, storms, vandalism, and other natural disasters. 

Medical Payments: Regardless of who is at fault, RV insurance covers all the medical bills (up to your chosen policy limits) of the passengers you are carrying in the occurrence of an accident.

Optional/Additional RV Insurance Coverages

You can choose to add optional RV insurance coverages such as:
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
  • Emergency Expense
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects
  • Vacation Liability..etc.
Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. is one of the most trusted insurance agencies providing comprehensive insurance plans/options including RV Insurance in Killeen, TX. To know more about RV insurance coverage, browse through www.shawncampinsurance.com. You can also visit us at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, Texas - 76542.

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Why Do You Need A Home Owner Insurance?

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Which RV Insurance Is Right For You?

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RV (Recreational Vehicle) insurance provides financial coverage to protect RV owners from losses caused by unforeseen circumstances like accidents, natural calamities, property damage, etc. When buying RV insurance, choose a plan that suits your requirements.

The individual requirements vary for everyone but here are general tell-signs of the right RV Insurance Policy:

Bodily Injury

Opt for RV insurance that can pay up for the damages & treatment of bodily injuries caused due to accidents, natural calamities, and other unfortunate events like fire, hail, vandalism, windshield damage, accidents with animals, etc.

Liability Protection

Buy RV Insurance that provides coverage against third-party liability; regardless of the fact who is responsible for the accident. Both medical expenses, as well as property damage expenses, should be taken care of.

Comprehensive & Collision

RV Insurance must cover the expenses that arise when your RV is damaged in an accident and incidents other than accidents.


This comes in handy when the defaulting party in an accident does not have an insurance cover (uninsured) or is insufficiently covered (underinsured).

Custom Parts & Equipment

The RV parts and accessories may have a hefty price tag. Custom parts and equipment cover allows you to replace these parts in the event of an accident (limits can vary depending upon the insurance plan you choose)

Additional Services & Coverage You Must Look For

Medical Payments, Emergency Expense, Replacement Cost Personal Effects, Vacation Liability, Trailer, Fire Department Service Charge, Full Timer's Package, Roadside Assistance & Deluxe Package.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. offers insurance for different types of recreational vehicles including Motor homes—Classes A, B, and C, Motor coaches, Camper vans & Travel trailers. The insurance agency allows clients to choose from a wide array of insurance coverage options or personalize the insurance as per individual requirements.

To know more about RV insurance coverage in Killeen, call (254) 526 - 0535 or visit us at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, TX - 76542. You can also request for an instant auto insurance quote for your RV by filling an easy step-by-step online form available at www.shawncampinsurance.com

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Why You Need Insurance?

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Role of Insurance in Building Financial Stability

by Administrator 26. July 2022 12:40

Insurance plays a crucial role in the process of building financial stability. Besides contributing to economic growth & financial stability, it provides safety to an individual’s home and personal assets. It brings various investment avenues, helps to reach your financial goals & keeps you and your family financially prepared for unforeseen events.

Safety & Security

Financial planning comprises of few essential components including managing your income, expenses & liabilities while creating a solid safety net for you & your family. Insurance cover safeguards your assets against unfortunate circumstances like accidents, natural calamities & other potential dangers. It is a mitigation tool that offers risk coverage in the form of financial protection.

Medical Support

Insurance policies offer coverage & compensation for medical bills during medical emergencies. Different insurance policies cater to different types of bodily injuries & health risks.

Investment Channel

Insurance also qualifies as an investment channel. Regular payment of premium accumulates your funds which eventually offers a hefty sum of the amount at the maturity of the contract. It encourages savings and helps to build an investment portfolio.

Protection Against Lawsuits

Insurance policies like Homeowners insurance protect you against legal liabilities emerging due to injury of an individual in your premises. If someone gets injured or hurt within the property premises, homeowner insurance covers the liabilities and attorney fees (as per the insurance documents)

The insurance sector adds sustainability value & promotes financial stability at the macro as well as micro levels. You can choose from different insurance policies, combination of services, products, and payment options based on your requirements & budget. Limits and coverage can vary depending upon the insurance plan you buy.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. is independent insurance in Texas that provides comprehensive insurance plans including Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Boat Insurance, Watercraft Insurance, and Golf Cart Insurance. The agency offers various options of insurance policies, catering to specific needs and requirements of a client.

To know more about the role of insurance in building financial stability, contact our customer support at (254) 526-0535. You can also visit Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, TX - 76542. The agency also allows customers to request a free instant online quote.

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Everything You Need To Know About RV Insurance

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