Home Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. February 2014 21:45

A lot of buzz has been created by the real estate industry today. Whether it is prospective tenants and buyers looking for new homes, or property owners looking to sell or rent, the industry is witnessing a plethora of activity. And when there is so much happening with respect to property, insurance becomes an important factor.

A lot of options are available for home insurance in Austin TX. We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc offer comprehensive home insurance services to our clients with minimum hassle involved. The idea is to enable you to live in your home with family in a peaceful frame of mind.

  • We offer home insurance policies for both homeowners as well as renters. Some of our home insurance policies popular with clients are: Home Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Renters Insurance.
  • Availing any of these policies will help ensure that your house in Austin and its possessions are protected.
  • Home Insurance and Homeowners Insurance ensure two-dimensional protection for your house, both inside and outside. You can get the desired insurance quote by getting in touch with any of our representatives.
  • Home insurance is nothing but a way of securing your investment in a house, whether you intend to stay in it or rent it out to somebody else. In the event of any natural calamity such as a storm or a fire, or any other unwanted incident for that matter, a home insurance will ensure that the damage can be covered up. Another aspect that home insurance takes care of is the legal liability that you might incur in case somebody gets injured on your property.
  • A variation of the Home Insurance is a Condo Insurance. An owner of a condo is solely responsible for insuring it; the condo association does not take any responsibility for the same.
  • Renters Insurance is important from a tenant’s perspective. Situations such as fire or theft could happen to anyone, and your home owner might not cover them. To meet such contingencies and compensate for the financial losses incurred, an insurance policy of the renter becomes important.

So the next time you wish to buy, sell, or rent a home in Austin in Texas, make sure that you get the right kind of insurance policy so as to cover up for any unforeseen damages to the property. We endeavor to provide you with the best of insurance policies that will take care of all the formalities involved in the process.

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Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage In Austin TX

by Administrator 11. February 2014 19:07

Auto insurance forms an integral part of the armory of any driver who is going to venture out on the road with a vehicle. If you happen to be in Austin, there is a host of categories of auto insurance that you may choose from. Read on to know more about these.
Liability Coverage

This is the most common form of insurance coverage and it helps in meeting the state’s requirement of proof of financial responsibility. It generally covers the expenses for car repair, medical costs, and in cases where someone sues you for the accident- the attorney’s fees as well. This type of insurance will take care of you and your family members, in addition to someone who was driving your car after taking due permission from you.

Collision Coverage

This type of insurance coverage specifically relates to repair or replacement of car that was damaged in the accident. It covers the amount corresponding to the actual cash value of your car; actual cash value is the current price that a car of your make commands in the market. Like the liability coverage, the collision coverage takes care of you and your family members, as well as someone else who was driving the car with your permission.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is basically an extension of the collision coverage mentioned above.  Besides the costs of car damage, this type of insurance also covers the expenses resulting from theft of car, or other occurrences such as fire or vandalism, resulting in damages to the car. In case you go for an alternative means of transportation till your car is repaired, the comprehensive insurance will cover the costs of that rental as well. The maximum cap on the payment here is again limited to the actual cash value of your car.

Medical Payments Coverage

This is another form of auto insurance in Austin TX, which takes care of all medical expenses resulting from injuries caused in an accident. In case of death, it covers the funeral costs as well. Irrespective of who was driving the car or caused the accident, this coverage looks after you and your family members, as well as any other passengers who were there in the car at the time when the accident happened.

In addition to all of these, some other forms of auto insurance in Austin are: personal injury protection coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, towing and labour coverage, and rental reimbursement coverage.

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Reduce Auto Insurance Cost With Regular Maintenance

by Administrator 4. February 2014 08:27

Regular, preventative maintenance for your car can go a long way in reducing your auto insurance cost. This comes from the reduced chances of a breakdown in a car that is well maintained. This is specially relevant for a used car, in which a regular maintenance routine can help to keep the car’s performance at its peak and save a significant amount of money towards your insurance costs by keeping down your claims. The following simple tips can guide you on how to reduce auto insurance cost with regular maintenance:

  • Be careful about how you drive your car. Make sure that you do not accelerate your engine while starting the car, as this can cause the engine to wear down rapidly. Acceleration should be gradually increased as you drive.
  • Waxing your car regularly can help to create a valuable barrier that can protect your car’s paint from oxidation.
  • Make sure that you change engine oil and replace oil filters regularly. This is especially important if you are driving a used car.
  • Another important thing that constitutes car maintenance is checking the coolant level. The coolant reservoir should have “low” and “high” markings on it to give you an idea of whether you need to refill coolant.
  • Proper maintenance of the tires of your car is a key aspect of car maintenance. This includes checking the pressure of your tires at regular intervals, and looking out for uneven wear. In addition to this, it is also important to get your wheel alignment checked regularly, to prevent steering problems.
  • Make sure that your car’s engine is cleaned thoroughly at least once every year. An engine that is cleaned regularly will keep cooler than a dirty one.
  • You can ensure high mileage and superior engine performance for your car by replacing spark plugs every 40,000 miles or as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Get your car checked by a professional car service at regular intervals to detect any problems that might have gone unnoticed.

While ensuring regular maintenance for your car can help to reduce your insurance premium, it is important to choose your insurer carefully. Look for an Austin auto insurance company that replaces damaged parts with originals and gives guarantees on repairs. Progressive Austin provides various affordable auto insurance plans that ensure sufficient coverage for you in the event of damages to your car.

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