How To Avoid Auto Theft Problems: Austin Insurance

by Administrator 22. January 2014 07:28

In light of the recent auto theft events across US, the auto insurance companies are making extensive efforts to make sure their clients have an arrangement in place to protect their vehicle. For those who are just starting to realize that they need plans to avoid such experiences, here is a list of few useful tips:

  • Secure your home: Many people in Austin worry endlessly about how to protect their vehicles from the dangers of outside theft, and often overlook the biggest menace to its safety-their own home. The most effective way to avoid auto theft problems is to secure your house and garage. Make sure you use automatic light timers and keyed locks to maintain the security of your house. Installing a home security system and automatic garage opener can also go a long way in protecting your vehicles and other valuable assets from burglaries.
  • Install anti-theft devices: Anti-theft devices such as mechanical immobilizers, steering-wheel lock, hood lock, tire lock can prove to be valuable assets for your automobile. With the help of these devices, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected from carjackers. In addition, you can also choose to install GPS tracking devices to keep the track of your vehicle in case it gets stolen.
  • Insure your car: In response to the auto theft concerns of people, the auto insurance companies in Austin have introduced several plans and products to provide their clients optimal protection. The companies not only provide financial protection against auto theft but also for vehicle damage that occur due to traffic collisions, riot, strike and malicious acts.

Only new vehicles get stolen - one bad assumption can prove to be very expensive in long run.  Whether new or old, make sure you shut the windows and doors of your vehicle properly. Also, many people often leave the keys of their vehicle in the ignition. Make sure you grab your keys no matter for how long you are planning to park your car. In addition, you also need to make certain that the place you are considering to park your vehicle at is safe.

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RV Insurance Coverage: Progressive Austin

by Administrator 8. January 2014 06:48

The RV insurance by Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc provides coverage, claims service, and round the clock assistance from our insurance specialists. We provide personalized assistance if you have any questions regarding our policy, or wish to make changes to your existing policy, or report a claim. RV insurance is the best way to protect your investment, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from. These include Vacation Liability, Full Timer’s, Emergency Expense, as well as coverage for your travelling companions and valuables while travelling.

You are offered an RV insurance quote from Progressive Austin 24/7, online, or by phone. Our consultants shall look into your individual case, taking into consideration various factors such as usage of your RV, and the desired coverage, before suggesting you the best coverage options for you. The term “RV coverage” covers a wide range of vehicles, including class A, B, and C motor homes, motor coaches and camper vans, toy haulers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and campers. Opting for our RV insurance allows you to hit the road without any worries, giving you a more comprehensive coverage than that offered by your auto insurance policy.

The coverage options that we provide in Austin TX include bodily injury and property damage liability, uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage, medical coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, roadside assistance, emergency expense, vacation liability, pet injury coverage, fire department service charge, and trailer coverage. The comprehensive and collision coverage offers maximum protection for your RV, covering repairing costs or complete replacement if your RV is stolen or damaged in an accident. You can choose between the market value, agreed value, and total replacement cost.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc offers Progressive RV insurance in Austin, providing you with flexible insurance policies and options to fit your individual requirements and budget. Contact us at (800) 212-2641 to request a quote for motor home insurance, travel trailers, camper insurance, camper van insurance, all of which are covered under our RV insurance policy.

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How Does RV Insurance Work

by Administrator 4. November 2013 06:01

Shawn Camp Insurance agency offers you comprehensive insurance plans to ensure that you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank. We are an independent insurance agency offering auto insurance, home insurance, RV and travel trailer insurance, boat and watercraft insurance, motorcycle insurance, and golf cart insurance to residents in Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Temple, Belton, Fort Hood, Gatesville and Austin TX. Along with our specialized Progressive line of products, we also deal in products from several other leading insurance companies.

While some RV owners in Austin opt to get their RVs covered under their auto insurance policies, we do not recommend that, since this does not offer adequate protection. It is advisable to look for a separate RV insurance policy. Our Progressive RV insurance policy provides all the coverage you need, along with claims service and round the clock assistance from our RV insurance specialists. On the other hand, a personal auto policy would not cover the loss of personal belongings on the RV, or the liability when someone is injured in the area where your RV is parked.

Our comprehensive RV insurance plan can provide total coverage for your recreational vehicle. You can also opt for a customized plan with coverage designed to meet your individual needs. The different types of coverage include in our RV insurance are- vacation liability, full timer’s, emergency expense, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage, and protection for your travelling companions and personal possessions while you are on a trip. We are just a phone call away if you need to make a claim, make a change in your policy, or ask a question related to your RV insurance policy.

Our insurance agents are available 24/7 online or by phone to assist you in choosing the right amount of coverage for your RV, based on the extent of usage and other critical factors. Along with class A, B, and C motor homes, RV insurance also covers several additional vehicles, such as motor coaches, camper vans, travel trailers, campers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. So if you are looking for insurance for your travel trailer, camper van, or motor coach, what you actually need is our RV insurance plan. If you are interested in getting a quote for your RV insurance, you can contact us by phone at (800) 212-2641, or visit our website to learn more about our policies.

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Austin Boat And Watercraft Insurance At Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc

by Administrator 16. October 2013 13:29

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc is committed to serving the Central Texas community with the best form of insurance, providing competitive quotes with maximum protection. Being a family-owned firm with over three decades of experience in providing insurance, we serve each of our customers with exclusive attention, helping you to find the best insurance for your needs and budget. We offer PROGRESSIVE Austin boat insurance, which is a comprehensive insurance plan including a wide range of coverage options, such as roadside assistance, on-water towing, total replacement, etc. This is similar to our auto insurance plan in many ways.

Whether you use your boat for the simple joy of fishing or going out in the waters with your friends, or for commercial purposes, overlooking the need for insurance is a major mistake. Damage and destruction to your boat are very realistic probabilities, and as a responsible boat owner, it is important to have you boat insured with sufficient coverage, before it is too late. With our boat and watercraft insurance, you can relax, knowing that no matter what the circumstances surrounding your boat or personal watercraft, we have you covered.

Apart from personal watercraft insurance, we also offer several specialized options such as jet boat insurance, sailboat insurance, houseboat insurance, and fishing boat insurance. Just like our auto insurance plans in Austin TX, we also make the process of getting boat and watercraft insurance easy and convenient. You can request a quote online, and even print your insurance card right away. Affordable safety and protection for one of your most valuable assets is just a click away!

We understand that getting boat insurance for the first time can be overwhelming and confusing, with all the options that there are to choose from. We make the job easy for you by providing you with detailed information on the various possible coverage options, and helping you decide which one is the best for you, based on the extent to which you use your boat, and your budget. You do not have to wait any longer, and can start building your boat insurance policy with Shawn Camp Insurance today. We offer some of the most competitive boat insurance rates in Central Texas, making us the insurance company of choice for thousands of our loyal customers. You can contact us online or via phone at (800) 212-2641 to request a quote for your boat/ watercraft insurance.

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Boat Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 19. August 2013 13:07

As exciting as it is to buy a boat, it is important to be objective about your boat insurance, and ensure that you have your boat covered for all possible damage that can be incurred while using your boat. Boat insurance can be viewed as a combination of home insurance and auto insurance, in the sense that it should include liability coverage for anyone who might get injured while on your boat, and should also cover bodily injury inflicted on others, property damage of the owner or others, and physical damage caused by your boat.

In addition to this basic coverage, insurance experts at Shawn Camp Insurance, Austin TX also recommend purchasing comprehensive coverage for your boat, which covers damage in curred by theft, vandalism, unfavorable weather and water conditions, personal property coverage, roadside assistance, uninsured boater insurance, damage due to molds, insects, animals, and machinery defects, additional premiums for valuables on your boat, etc.

It is a good idea to combine your boat insurance with your home insurance and auto insurance, as this could get you a “cross-sell discount” from your insurance company. This could lead to savings of up to 15% on your total insurance costs. While insurance for small boats like sailboats is typically included in your home insurance policy, you need to purchase separate insurance for higher value boats.

The following breakdown of boat insurance coverage can help you to understand what you need to include in your policy:

  • Bodily injury liability: This covers damage caused by an accident involving your boat, in which other people incur injuries. It includes medical expenses, lost wages, defense costs, pain and suffering compensation, etc. for the injured party.
  • Property damage liability: You need this coverage if your boat causes damage to others’ property. For instance, if an accident involving your boat damages another boat or dock, the property damage liability in your policy will cover this damage. The coverage can be provided in the form of a pre-decided cash value, or complete replacement cost, depending on the nature of your policy.
  • Physical damage: This type of coverage includes damage to your own boat, caused by collisions, unfavorable weather, vandalism, sinking, mischief, etc. The parts of the boat that are typically insured under this coverage include machinery, furnishings, sails, and the hull.

As mentioned above, getting comprehensive coverage for your boat is a good idea, as it covers a wide range of possibilities that might not be included in the aforementioned options.

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Insurance For Different Types of Bikes In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. July 2013 04:46

A motorbike is a highly valued possession that any individual would own. To ensure that you have financial resources to fall back upon in case this prized possession of yours is stolen or something untoward happens, it is always a wise decision to go in for insurance.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance are a leading insurance group in the region when it comes to motorbikes. We let you build a customized policy to fit your needs. Our standout feature is the round the clock insurance assistance provided to the customers. So any time you have a query regarding our motorcycle insurance, you can get in touch with our team by visiting

Read on to know about the various options that you could avail for bike insurance with us:

  • Depending upon your specific requirements, you can choose a motorbike insurance plan that is just right for you. You can avail various insurance plans such as Accessory Coverage, Medical Payments, and Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, just to name a few. You just have to give a motorcycle insurance quote and can get in-depth information about the appropriate options for you.
  • The biggest advantage that you have with our insurance company is that we are not just restricted to the motorcycle segment. If you are looking for insuring any kind of two-wheeler, you can easily do so. Some of the prominent segments covered by us are: scooter insurance, motorcycle insurance, classic motorcycle insurance, dirt bike insurance, and motocross insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance quotes from our website are available round the clock. This allows you to review your options regularly and go for a coverage plan that justifies your requirements for your motorbike.
  • Once you have taken a policy, but wish to change it later on, you can do that conveniently. All you are required to do is fill an online form requesting a change in policy, and select the new policy service option you would like to go for.

So if you are looking for getting the best insurance coverage for your bike, then choose Shawn Camp Insurance. You get the best deals and save money as well!

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Get Cheap RV Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 4. July 2013 08:53

Getting insurance for your RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a process that needs to be undertaken with careful consideration. The term “RV” typically covers several kinds of vehicles, including campers, travel trailers, motor coaches, class A, B and C motor homes, etc. So if you are looking for insurance for any of these vehicles in Austin TX, RV insurance is what you need. You want to ensure that you are getting the best possible quote for your RV insurance, not just in terms of pricing, but also in terms of coverage.

The following tips guide you on some of the most important considerations to be made before getting your RV insurance:

  • The first step to getting cheap RV insurance is requesting multiple quotes online. This will give you an idea of what to expect, helping to save up to 20% on your insurance cost eventually.
  • Some basic factors on which your RV insurance cost will depend include- RV model, additional auto insurance policies on owner’s name, driving history, desired coverage, etc. Maintaining a clean, claims-free record, and investing in a safe vehicle can contribute to bringing down your insurance cost.
  • It is a good idea to include total loss replacement in the coverage for your RV, since this can protect you in case of steep RV depreciation.
  • Including emergency expenses in your RV insurance can help to reimburse expenses when you are outside the RV, such as during repair of the vehicle. These expenses typically include food, lodging, travel expenses back to the RV, etc., and are valid only if you are within a 50-mile radius of your fixed residence.
  • Choosing to pay a higher amount out of your pocket in the event of an incident can help to reduce your insurance premium.
  • Depending on how long you typically reside in the RV, you can choose between full-timer liability and campsite liability.
  • Getting membership with a vehicle association can help to bring down your RV insurance cost. But you need to check with the association to ensure that it does offer such a discount.

For Free Quote and Cheap Insurance quote, you can visit us at or call at (800) 212-2641. We specialize in Auto, Progressive, Homeowners, Recreational Vehicle RV, Boat and Motorcycle insurance.

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