Secrets To Cheaper Auto Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 20. May 2013 12:39

Being a smart driver can go a long way in bringing down the monthly insurance costs on your vehicle. All that you need to do is understand what your insurance company wants, which is usually just a few simple tweaks here and there. The following are top secrets to cheaper auto insurance tell you just what you can do to see those dreadful figures going down-

  • It all starts from the very first step of applying for car insurance. You will be amazed at the wide difference in prices offered by different companies in exactly the same situations. That is why it is a good idea to carry out the application process online, since that makes it a lot easier to shop around.
  • Once you have decided on the right insurance policy for you, you need to ensure that all vehicles owned by you are under the same policy. This is because almost all insurance companies offer significant discounts on subsequent vehicles.
  • The same stands true for your home insurance and property insurance. Clubbing these insurances with your auto insurance can further add to your multiline discounts.
  • The deductible you agree to pay is the amount you shall need to pay upfront in case of a collision. Increasing this to as much as you can afford can help to lower your auto insurance costs.
  • In case you are driving an old car, it might be a good idea to do away with the collision coverage on it, since this might eventually end up costing you more than the actual value of the car.
  • You need to be extra careful on the road, and make an effort to be a safe driver. Tickets can ruin your driving record and shoot up insurance premiums. As for accidents, these stay on your record for six years, leading to you paying extra premiums through this period.
  • Getting a factory-approved alarm system or an anti-theft system installed in your car can also make you eligible for an anti-theft discount. This is because such a system makes your car less prone to theft.
  • Finally, there are certain driving courses that you can take based on your level of competency, to decrease your insurance premium. Talk to your insurance company about these

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Buying Car Insurance For Women

by Administrator 6. May 2013 08:48

While it might sound absurd, buying car insurance for women is a completely different story than buying car insurance for a male driver, since there is an undeniable difference in how men and women drive, on an average. Statistics show that women are much less likely than men to be involved in a major accident, and when it comes to women, the major concern is of minor accidents. The following guidelines tell you how to go about buying car insurance for women-

  • As a female driver, you need to take extra caution to protect your car from theft and vandalism. There are several ways you can do this, the most effective being getting an immobilizer and an alarm installed in your car. If the security system you opt for is improved by insurance companies, it shall help to bring down your insurance cost.
  • Think twice before making any drastic modifications to your car. As far as possible, make sure all the accessories you have are factory-owned ones that came with the car. Anything you add on top of that is likely to up your insurance cost.
  • When it comes to regular maintenance of one’s car, it is important not to neglect or ignore some important aspects of maintenance. Remember to take your car for servicing whenever it is due, and also look out for the basics. This includes keeping an eye on the condition of your car’s tyres, filling the washers, checking oil and coolant levels, etc.
  • It is advised to add an experienced driver to your policy, as this might help to bring down your premium. While this might not always be the case, it is definitely worth a try. If you are requesting quotes online, you can try comparing rates when you are listed as the only driver, and when you have an experienced driver listed in addition.
  • You can also discuss with your insurance company if there are any driving courses or certificates that you can attend that could help to bring down your insurance premium. Sometimes just a couple of hours on an online course can help to reduce your insurance premium by a few dollars. Also remember to keep an eye on your no-claims bonus, which can be as high as 65% in 4 years.

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