Common Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Administrator 19. January 2015 13:46

Insurance is very important to safeguard any investment, be it a home or a vehicle. However while buying insurance it is crucial to choose the right plan in order to save money and receive full coverage. Whether you are purchasing insurance for the first time or you have already bought an insurance plan, you must consider certain important aspects to get the best plan.

Setting Wrong Priorities

Often people consider buying insurance as a mandatory task that is required by law and take quick decisions. They fail to set the right priorities and focusing on saving tax. However, it is important that you select the insurance plan carefully while considering the coverage, premium and other details of the policy. Your decision should be based on the benefits offered and your individual needs.

Buying The Cheapest Policy

You should carefully consider your personal requirement and not purchase the cheapest policy that is available. Whether you are looking for auto insurance or home insurance you should make sure that you get maximum coverage that you require and can afford. You should get good value for money and buy a policy that is the most suitable to your personal requirement.

Choosing Wrong Plan

This is another common mistake that people often commit when purchasing insurance. They choose a plan without considering all its aspects, which is a crucial step. You should evaluate your requirements and check all the available options and then decide on the plan. Insurance is not an investment, rather it is intended to cover the risks and offer you protection.

Not Doing The Calculations

It is a common mistake that people purchase comprehensive plans rather than choosing standard plans. The comprehensive plans offer higher coverage; however, they sometimes come with very high premiums. You must assess your requirements before purchasing a plan as over-insuring as well as under-insuring is a problem.

Not Hiring An Agent

You should be informed about your requirements and research for the best plan but a professional insurance agent can help you get many benefits. He is experienced in the field and can suggest a plan that might be beneficial for you in the long run. You should consider taking the advice of an agent to make a well-informed decision.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can shop the best available insurance plan and safeguard your investment.

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Tips To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 12. January 2015 06:42

Given the increased risk involved with driving a motorcycle, not getting proper insurance is not just unsafe, but also illegal. Many people believe that purchasing motorcycle insurance is an unnecessary expense. However, not getting proper insurance is illegal and turn out to be very expensive in the long run. Following a well-informed approach can help you save on your insurance premiums while getting yourself financially covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some tips that can help you save on motorcycle insurance:

  • Raise Your Deductibles: This is the amount you need to pay towards a claim before your insurance policy comes into effect. Increasing your deductible will considerably reduce the amount you have to pay for your motorcycle insurance. However, make sure that the deductible is not too high and you can easily pay the amount.
  • Look For Discounts: There are many insurance companies that offer various discounts for applicants who meet a certain specified criteria. These may include people who do not use the motorcycle on a regular basis or have a clean driving record. Make sure you ask your insurance agent about any such discount that can help you save money.
  • Exclude Rash Drivers From Your Policy: If you have someone in your family with a flawed driving record, make sure you do not include them in your policy. They can cause your motorcycle insurance premiums to be a lot higher than what you would need to pay otherwise. 
  • Avoid Making Small Claims: Remember that insurance policy provides you coverage at the time of considerable losses. Filing for infrequent or small claims can increase your chances of getting rejected when you are in real need of financial aid. As far as possible try to make a single claim in a year.
  • Ride Alone: If you ride your motorcycle alone, you can save a lot by skipping the passenger liability coverage. However, you must keep in mind that avoiding this coverage means that you cannot have a fellow passenger on your bike ever.
  • Avoid Sports Models: The makes and models of bikes also play a major role in determining the insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge much higher rates for high performance motorcycles that involve more risk or have parts that are not easily available.

For more information about motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX, contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. We offer affordable insurance policies tailored to the needs of clients. Call us at (254) 526-0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, Texas 76542 to know more.

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Reasons To Get Renter's Insurance In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 5. January 2015 14:33

Homeowners often understand the importance of insuring their property, as it is a very valuable investment. However, renters often compromise on the renters insurance as they do not understand the benefits of the insurance or they consider the money invested in insurance as wastage.

The biggest reason to get renter’s insurance is that it covers renter’s content and liability, which protects you in events of accidents, environmental damages and theft. Renter’s content insurance covers the estimated replacement value of items that are damaged by fire, lost, or stolen, whereas, the renter’s liability insurance protects the renter from paying for an accident that leads to loss or damage to the property or an individual.

Other benefits of renter’s insurance include:

  • Protection From Fire: The renter’s insurance offers you protection from fire. They pay for the replacement of items that are gutted in fire and even pay for the food and accommodation while the house is repaired or treated for smoke damages.
  • Protection From Theft: By getting renter’s content insurance coverage, you can insure your personal, expensive items against theft. This offers you peace of mind that your contents are protected and safe and in case of theft, you will get their estimated value.
  • Protection From Damages That You Cause: The renter’s insurance also offers protection from damages that you cause to the neighbors property. Your insurance company will pay for fire or any other incident in your rental that causes damage to your neighbor’s rental if you have renter’s liability insurance. By paying a little extra, you can have added protection as the renter’s liability insurance also covers any damages that you may unintentionally cause.
  • Protection From Visitor’s Injures: Having renter’s insurance protects you if any worker or guest is injured in your rental premises. If your dog bites your neighbor or a visitor and he sues you, you are covered for the medical bills that he incurs and legal bills for any lawsuits that you may have to face.

To get the best renter’s insurance, you can discuss your requirements with your insurance provider. By having the best-suited plan, you can save yourself from potential financial disasters that may affect your life. The insurance offers peace of mind and you can rest assured that the insurance provider will cover all damages.

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