Waco Drivers: Get Your Car Insurance Now or Get Towed

by Administrator 18. May 2011 12:21

If you don't have insurance, your car will be impounded.

That's the message Waco Police want to get out to drivers. Starting June 1st, cops will tow uninsured vehicles. They are trying to make sure accidents don't leave innocent victims out in the cold.

Sergeant Patrick Swanton says the ordinance will benefit every driver. "If you or I are involved in an accident and it's not our fault then they're gonna be able to cover our medical bills and cover the cost of getting our vehicles fixed."

Swanton says some insurance is better than no insurance. "It may not cover the total cost of everything if you look at medical, and by the time you add all the cost of the vehicle. But some is better than nothing. "

Lorraine Kelly just relocated from Minnesota. She is already making sure her and her family are insured and safe. "We're driving all over the place and I've got my child in the car and I wouldn't want anything to happen to her."

Mark Baker, owner of Mark Baker Insurance says getting insurance could ultimately be easier and cheaper than dealing with a violation. "You're gonna have to pay the storage fee the towing service to tow it in. it's a lot cheaper to pay the $50 dollars a month than it is to run without it."

Baker also says even though it's hard times for many, they shouldn't put their insurance on the back burner. "I see a lot of things first thing that goes you know they're gonna take care of the family and rent and food and the car insurance is gonna be one of the things that get dropped."

For Lorraine, no amount of money is too much to keep her family safe. She just hopes others also feel the same. "People who can afford to go do other things like going out and drinking then I think they can afford insurance, it's safer for everybody."

Statewide, 20% of drivers do not have insurance. The Waco ordinance only requires liability insurance, but drivers are encouraged to add uninsured drivers to their policy.

(Source: KCENTV.com)

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