Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance Coverage In Killeen

by Administrator 19. August 2015 07:34

Getting your motorcycle insured is necessary to mitigate the risks and costs that may occur in case of accidents or breakdowns. It is even mandated by the law and it is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a comprehensive insurance. However, it is necessary to choose the appropriate coverage to make sure you are fully protected from any unanticipated losses.

Following points will assist in choosing the right motorcycle insurance coverage:

  • Liability Insurance: If you are responsible for causing any injury/harm to a third person or any property, then liability insurance will help to cover those damages. Some policies may also offer guest coverage which is meant for the pillion rider that may be present on your vehicle.
  • Collision Coverage: In case of an accident, irrespective of who is at fault, the collision coverage will pay for the repair costs of your motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive Package: This coverage option helps in protecting your motorcycle from non-accident related occurrences like theft, fire or vandalism.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage: If the person who caused you injury is either uninsured or underinsured and cannot match the extent of your expenses, this policy will cover your damages. 
  • Parts and Equipment: Normally if you have collision or comprehensive package, some part of equipment replacement is already covered. However, you can also opt for a separate coverage under which costlier parts will also be insured against damage. Make sure you ask your insurance agency about this.
  • Road Side Assistance: In the event of an unexpected breakdown of your motorcycle, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest service station for repair. You should check if labor costs are included in this policy or not.
  • Medical Bills Coverage: In case there is a need for any medical assistance after a collision, this coverage will help to pay the hospital bills, subject to the limit of your insurance policy
  • Look for a Discount: Since there are many motorcycle insurance policies available, it is important to compare all of them and choose the one that offers best discounts and offers.
  • Additional Benefits: You should also ask your insurance agency about any other benefits that they would offer on your motorcycle insurance.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., provide comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Guide To Buying A Car Insurance

by Administrator 12. August 2015 07:51

Buying car insurance can be quite a challenge if you are not adroit in choosing the right coverage options. Due to lack of information and knowledge about the type of coverage required, car owners often find themselves in a fix when buying insurance. Here is a quick guide to help you buy a suitable car insurance policy:

  • Choose the best insurance coverage: Every state requires minimum coverage, which is basic and mandatory; however, this basic coverage may not be sufficient to pay for the damages caused to the car when involved in an accident. This means you will end up paying more money out of your pocket. Make sure you have bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage, and other additional plans included in your car insurance.
  • Additional coverage: Besides the basic coverage, you may require other available coverage types such as collision, comprehensive coverage, which protects your car against theft, vandalism, fire and other accidents that do not involve collision. You can combine these types of insurance or buy them separately.
  • Gather the required information and documents: Before you buy car insurance, you need to have all the required information such as vehicle identification number (VIN), driver’s license number, address details and information about the lien holder.
  • Review your driving record: The insurance providers will consider your driving record, so make sure you review your driving record. Inform your insurance agent about any points on your record or any suspensions that you received within the past year or within last three years. The insurance companies make driver’s assessment to determine if he is a potential risk or not.
  • Get multiple quotes: To get the best deal, get quotes from multiple companies. Different companies offer different benefits, so you can easily make comparisons and choose a quote that best suits you.
  • Understand the policy: It is crucial that you understand the policy before signing it. If, in case, you do not understand any clause, ask the insurance agent to explain it to you. Ensure that get everything that you expect before signing.
  • Pay in full to save money: By paying the premium in lump sum, you can save a lot of money. This means you need not pay monthly payment charges.
  • Avoid vehicle modifications: Although modifications increase the performance of your vehicle; however, they increase the insurance premiums. To keep the price of your insurance down, you should ask your insurance advisor on what type of modifications can affect your premium rates.

We, at Shawn Camp, Insurance Agency, Inc., provide comprehensive car insurance in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Benefits Of Having Renters’ Insurance In Killeen

by Administrator 5. August 2015 13:17

Although the homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for the structural losses to the house, it does not include the tenants items stored inside the property. Therefore, having comprehensive renters’ insurance is extremely important to protect your personal belongings from any sort of damage. 

Here are some of the benefits that you can have by investing in a renters’ insurance policy: 

Protection From Theft: In case someone breaks into your home, the landlord will not be responsible for the damages. Renters’ insurance will help to recompense for the stolen items that have been listed in the policy and meet the coverage limits.    

Protection From Natural Disasters: Damage caused to your rental home due to natural disasters such as hailstorm, tornado, flood, wildfire etc. will be covered in the renter’s policy. However, the property owner cannot be held liable to pay for repair or compensate for any loss. 

Protection From Unnatural Fires: Homeowners insurance usually does not cover the damages caused due to the negligence of the tenants, such as electrical issues or short-circuit. In such cases, you will be responsible for the damage to the rental house as well as your own belongings. If you live in an apartment building and the fire spreads to your neighbor’s dwelling, you may also need to pay for their losses. 

Protection From Guest Injuries: When a guest suffers an injury in your home due to your negligence, you may be held liable for their medical bills, alost wages and other monetary losses. These may include incidents like falling on a loose step, slipping on a wet tile floor or being bitten by your pet. Renter’s liability insurance provides coverage for all such expenses in case your guest sues you to claim compensation for his sufferings. 

Protection From Self-Caused Damage: In most cases, landlords are not responsible for the unintentional losses incurred due to the tenant’s negligence. For instance, if you did not repair a broken window, which damaged the furniture during rain or ignored a leaky pipe which caused flooding in the house. Renters’ insurance will help to cover the costs of repairing or replacing the spoiled stuff listed in the policy.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., provide affordable renters’ insurance in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our insurance agency at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542. 

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