Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage In Austin TX

by Administrator 11. February 2014 19:07

Auto insurance forms an integral part of the armory of any driver who is going to venture out on the road with a vehicle. If you happen to be in Austin, there is a host of categories of auto insurance that you may choose from. Read on to know more about these.
Liability Coverage

This is the most common form of insurance coverage and it helps in meeting the state’s requirement of proof of financial responsibility. It generally covers the expenses for car repair, medical costs, and in cases where someone sues you for the accident- the attorney’s fees as well. This type of insurance will take care of you and your family members, in addition to someone who was driving your car after taking due permission from you.

Collision Coverage

This type of insurance coverage specifically relates to repair or replacement of car that was damaged in the accident. It covers the amount corresponding to the actual cash value of your car; actual cash value is the current price that a car of your make commands in the market. Like the liability coverage, the collision coverage takes care of you and your family members, as well as someone else who was driving the car with your permission.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is basically an extension of the collision coverage mentioned above.  Besides the costs of car damage, this type of insurance also covers the expenses resulting from theft of car, or other occurrences such as fire or vandalism, resulting in damages to the car. In case you go for an alternative means of transportation till your car is repaired, the comprehensive insurance will cover the costs of that rental as well. The maximum cap on the payment here is again limited to the actual cash value of your car.

Medical Payments Coverage

This is another form of auto insurance in Austin TX, which takes care of all medical expenses resulting from injuries caused in an accident. In case of death, it covers the funeral costs as well. Irrespective of who was driving the car or caused the accident, this coverage looks after you and your family members, as well as any other passengers who were there in the car at the time when the accident happened.

In addition to all of these, some other forms of auto insurance in Austin are: personal injury protection coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, towing and labour coverage, and rental reimbursement coverage.

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Reduce Auto Insurance Cost With Regular Maintenance

by Administrator 4. February 2014 08:27

Regular, preventative maintenance for your car can go a long way in reducing your auto insurance cost. This comes from the reduced chances of a breakdown in a car that is well maintained. This is specially relevant for a used car, in which a regular maintenance routine can help to keep the car’s performance at its peak and save a significant amount of money towards your insurance costs by keeping down your claims. The following simple tips can guide you on how to reduce auto insurance cost with regular maintenance:

  • Be careful about how you drive your car. Make sure that you do not accelerate your engine while starting the car, as this can cause the engine to wear down rapidly. Acceleration should be gradually increased as you drive.
  • Waxing your car regularly can help to create a valuable barrier that can protect your car’s paint from oxidation.
  • Make sure that you change engine oil and replace oil filters regularly. This is especially important if you are driving a used car.
  • Another important thing that constitutes car maintenance is checking the coolant level. The coolant reservoir should have “low” and “high” markings on it to give you an idea of whether you need to refill coolant.
  • Proper maintenance of the tires of your car is a key aspect of car maintenance. This includes checking the pressure of your tires at regular intervals, and looking out for uneven wear. In addition to this, it is also important to get your wheel alignment checked regularly, to prevent steering problems.
  • Make sure that your car’s engine is cleaned thoroughly at least once every year. An engine that is cleaned regularly will keep cooler than a dirty one.
  • You can ensure high mileage and superior engine performance for your car by replacing spark plugs every 40,000 miles or as recommended by manufacturer.
  • Get your car checked by a professional car service at regular intervals to detect any problems that might have gone unnoticed.

While ensuring regular maintenance for your car can help to reduce your insurance premium, it is important to choose your insurer carefully. Look for an Austin auto insurance company that replaces damaged parts with originals and gives guarantees on repairs. Progressive Austin provides various affordable auto insurance plans that ensure sufficient coverage for you in the event of damages to your car.

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How To Avoid Auto Theft Problems: Austin Insurance

by Administrator 22. January 2014 07:28

In light of the recent auto theft events across US, the auto insurance companies are making extensive efforts to make sure their clients have an arrangement in place to protect their vehicle. For those who are just starting to realize that they need plans to avoid such experiences, here is a list of few useful tips:

  • Secure your home: Many people in Austin worry endlessly about how to protect their vehicles from the dangers of outside theft, and often overlook the biggest menace to its safety-their own home. The most effective way to avoid auto theft problems is to secure your house and garage. Make sure you use automatic light timers and keyed locks to maintain the security of your house. Installing a home security system and automatic garage opener can also go a long way in protecting your vehicles and other valuable assets from burglaries.
  • Install anti-theft devices: Anti-theft devices such as mechanical immobilizers, steering-wheel lock, hood lock, tire lock can prove to be valuable assets for your automobile. With the help of these devices, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is protected from carjackers. In addition, you can also choose to install GPS tracking devices to keep the track of your vehicle in case it gets stolen.
  • Insure your car: In response to the auto theft concerns of people, the auto insurance companies in Austin have introduced several plans and products to provide their clients optimal protection. The companies not only provide financial protection against auto theft but also for vehicle damage that occur due to traffic collisions, riot, strike and malicious acts.

Only new vehicles get stolen - one bad assumption can prove to be very expensive in long run.  Whether new or old, make sure you shut the windows and doors of your vehicle properly. Also, many people often leave the keys of their vehicle in the ignition. Make sure you grab your keys no matter for how long you are planning to park your car. In addition, you also need to make certain that the place you are considering to park your vehicle at is safe.

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Austin Auto Insurance For Seniors

by Administrator 15. January 2014 07:25

With car insurance being a major part of the average pensioner’s monthly income, it becomes important to figure out ways to cut down on your insurance premium as a senior driver. The following tips can guide you on how to keep your financial security intact, and get the most affordable auto insurance for seniors in Austin:

  • Senior citizens are undoubtedly amongst the safest, and most experienced drivers on the road, which explains why several auto insurance companies offer special discounts for senior drivers. Ask your insurance company if there is any such discount that you can avail.
  • If you are looking for a new insurance policy, it is a good idea to carry out some basic research of the prevailing market rates and shop around before settling for any policy.
  • Taking a defensive driver course could help bring down your insurance premium. Your insurance provider can help you with information on a state-approved defensive driver course that you could take.
  • One of the best ways to cut down on your auto insurance premium is to drive safely and maintain a clean driving record with claims-free insurance.
  • If you are driving an old car, it might be a good idea to reconsider your coverage, and cut down on collision coverage. This is because no matter how extensive the damage undergone in the event of a collision, your insurance company is not going to pay you more than what your car is worth.
  • Another way to reduce your insurance premium is to increase the amount of deductibles. However, be sure that you are able to afford the slated amount in the event of an accident.
  • You can also cut down on your insurance costs by driving a low-profile car. You can get information on cars that are considered to be the safest and least likely to be stolen. These cars can get you a lower insurance premium from most insurance companies.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc is an insurance provider serving multiple locations across Central Texas. We provide exclusive Progressive auto insurance for seniors, allowing you to avail several discounts on your insurance premium. We have been providing comprehensive insurance policies to Texans located in and around Austin since our establishment in 1976. Contact us today at (800) 212-2641 to request a quote and learn more about our auto insurance for seniors.

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Austin Auto Insurance For Teens And Young Drivers

by Administrator 4. December 2013 12:13

Having a teen driver in the family can shoot up your insurance costs significantly. This is because teen drivers, being viewed as new, and hence inexperienced drivers, are expected to be high-risk and immature on the road, leading to their insurance rates being higher than average. However, being a teen driver does not necessarily have to translate into a high insurance premium. The insurance agents at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc can guide you with simple tips to bring down your Austin auto insurance for a teen or young driver. We are committed to helping our customers find the best insurance, and shall go that extra mile to help you out in your individual case.

Two of the most surefire ways to bring down auto insurance premium for teens include taking a high quality driver’s education course, and aiming for better grades at school. While the former shows us that you are well-versed with the rules of the road, the latter is our way to know that we are dealing with a teen with a high level of maturity. With these being the two primary concerns when it comes to teen auto insurance, these simple steps are sure to lower your insurance premium.

You can also ask your insurance agent about the difference to expect if you add your teen to your policy, or purchase a new one in their name. You can contact the agents at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc for expert help by calling at (800) 212-2641. Another significant factor that affects your teen driver’s insurance premium is the kind of car they drive. The model you select should be one with a track record of high on-road reliability and safety. There are various sources including the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety where you can find information regarding reliable model safety.

You can further bring down insurance costs for your teen by dropping some unnecessary coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage for an older car. It is also a good idea to talk to your teen about the importance of safe driving, the risks of driving under the influence, and how their recklessness can affect your insurance premium. Teens should be encouraged to approach driving just like any other new activity, starting off slow, and gradually progressing as the gain experience and confidence on the road.

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Short Term Car Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 18. November 2013 11:34

Short term car insurance refers to an automobile insurance policy that is valid for only a certain period of time. Also known as day car insurance, this type of insurance is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among people who know that they shall be using the car temporarily. If you are looking to get short term car insurance in Austin TX, Shawn Camp insurance Agency, Inc. can help you get the right plan for your needs, ensuring that you get maximum coverage for the lowest cost, and only when you need it.

Here is a look at the various ways in which you can benefit from short term car insurance:

  • The primary benefit of this insurance is that it helps to save considerably, by having you to pay only for the specific period when you shall actually need the car. This is contrary to long term insurance, where you need to pay for extended coverage despite your usage of the car.
  • Another advantage of short term auto insurance is that it is easier to obtain than traditional insurance. The process is quicker and more simplified, and is ideal when you need coverage at a short notice during an emergency. If you are looking for such an insurance plan in Austin TX, you can contact us at (800) 212-2641 to learn more about how our policy works.
  • It is a lot more convenient to get a day car insurance policy when you need to get short term auto insurance for another vehicle or another person, as compared to making amendments in your current insurance policy.
  • Some of the situations in which you can use this form of insurance are- a college student coming home for the vacation, hiring a van to shift accommodations, using a borrowed car for a short period of time, driving a vehicle that you intend to sell shortly, and for a houseguest staying over for a short period of time.
  • Finally, short-term insurance offers you comprehensive coverage, much like a regular insurance policy would, while sparing you the stress of having to worry about maintaining your no-claims bonus. It is the easiest way to get instant coverage just when you need it, and allows a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to manage.

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Insurance Agency In Austin TX

by Administrator 4. October 2013 11:04

It is important to shield your business, home as well as personal assets with a good comprehensive insurance plan. This helps to save your valuable assets in case of any untoward incident or accident. By opting for insurance, you can safeguard your property and remain tension-free.

If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy insurance agency in Austin TX, do visit us at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. We are one of the best independent insurance providers in Austin and specialize in different types of insurance policies.

We provide insurance services such as: Progressive Homeowners Insurance (American Strategic Insurance), Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, RV & Travel Trailer Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Boat Insurance, Watercraft Insurance, Golf Cart Insurance, and Renters Insurance in Austin, Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Temple, Belton, Fort Hood and Gatesville TX.

One of our specialized areas of insurance includes boat and watercraft insurance. Our boat insurance policy covers many things such as: Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, Total Loss Replacement, and much more. You can easily get a boat and watercraft insurance quote on our website.

Following are the details of other types of insurance services provided by us in Austin TX:

  • Home Insurance: We have home insurance options for homeowners as well as renters. If you are a resident of Austin, Killeen, Temple, Copperas Cove or any other location in Texas, just get in touch with us to get the best policy for your precious home. Our policies provide protection for your belongings and your house.
  • Auto Insurance: Our Progressive Auto Insurance helps to insure you, your automobile and the fellow passengers. Our services in this category include: Car Insurance, RV Insurance, Motorbike Insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Austin TX.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: Our Progressive Motorcycle coverage includes various types of bikes such as a touring bike, sports bike and even a small commute. With our optimum motorcycle insurance policies, you can be rest assured about the safety of your vehicle. Our policy covers aspects such as: Total Loss Replacement, disappearing deductibles, Roadside assistance & trip interruption along with accessory & contents coverage.

An insurance policy from Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., will ensure that you are able to bravely battle out any unforeseen loss to your property. Take a look at our easy-to-use website and you can get information regarding different insurance policies. 

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Boat Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 19. August 2013 13:07

As exciting as it is to buy a boat, it is important to be objective about your boat insurance, and ensure that you have your boat covered for all possible damage that can be incurred while using your boat. Boat insurance can be viewed as a combination of home insurance and auto insurance, in the sense that it should include liability coverage for anyone who might get injured while on your boat, and should also cover bodily injury inflicted on others, property damage of the owner or others, and physical damage caused by your boat.

In addition to this basic coverage, insurance experts at Shawn Camp Insurance, Austin TX also recommend purchasing comprehensive coverage for your boat, which covers damage in curred by theft, vandalism, unfavorable weather and water conditions, personal property coverage, roadside assistance, uninsured boater insurance, damage due to molds, insects, animals, and machinery defects, additional premiums for valuables on your boat, etc.

It is a good idea to combine your boat insurance with your home insurance and auto insurance, as this could get you a “cross-sell discount” from your insurance company. This could lead to savings of up to 15% on your total insurance costs. While insurance for small boats like sailboats is typically included in your home insurance policy, you need to purchase separate insurance for higher value boats.

The following breakdown of boat insurance coverage can help you to understand what you need to include in your policy:

  • Bodily injury liability: This covers damage caused by an accident involving your boat, in which other people incur injuries. It includes medical expenses, lost wages, defense costs, pain and suffering compensation, etc. for the injured party.
  • Property damage liability: You need this coverage if your boat causes damage to others’ property. For instance, if an accident involving your boat damages another boat or dock, the property damage liability in your policy will cover this damage. The coverage can be provided in the form of a pre-decided cash value, or complete replacement cost, depending on the nature of your policy.
  • Physical damage: This type of coverage includes damage to your own boat, caused by collisions, unfavorable weather, vandalism, sinking, mischief, etc. The parts of the boat that are typically insured under this coverage include machinery, furnishings, sails, and the hull.

As mentioned above, getting comprehensive coverage for your boat is a good idea, as it covers a wide range of possibilities that might not be included in the aforementioned options.

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Get Cheap RV Insurance In Austin TX

by Administrator 4. July 2013 08:53

Getting insurance for your RV (Recreational Vehicle) is a process that needs to be undertaken with careful consideration. The term “RV” typically covers several kinds of vehicles, including campers, travel trailers, motor coaches, class A, B and C motor homes, etc. So if you are looking for insurance for any of these vehicles in Austin TX, RV insurance is what you need. You want to ensure that you are getting the best possible quote for your RV insurance, not just in terms of pricing, but also in terms of coverage.

The following tips guide you on some of the most important considerations to be made before getting your RV insurance:

  • The first step to getting cheap RV insurance is requesting multiple quotes online. This will give you an idea of what to expect, helping to save up to 20% on your insurance cost eventually.
  • Some basic factors on which your RV insurance cost will depend include- RV model, additional auto insurance policies on owner’s name, driving history, desired coverage, etc. Maintaining a clean, claims-free record, and investing in a safe vehicle can contribute to bringing down your insurance cost.
  • It is a good idea to include total loss replacement in the coverage for your RV, since this can protect you in case of steep RV depreciation.
  • Including emergency expenses in your RV insurance can help to reimburse expenses when you are outside the RV, such as during repair of the vehicle. These expenses typically include food, lodging, travel expenses back to the RV, etc., and are valid only if you are within a 50-mile radius of your fixed residence.
  • Choosing to pay a higher amount out of your pocket in the event of an incident can help to reduce your insurance premium.
  • Depending on how long you typically reside in the RV, you can choose between full-timer liability and campsite liability.
  • Getting membership with a vehicle association can help to bring down your RV insurance cost. But you need to check with the association to ensure that it does offer such a discount.

For Free Quote and Cheap Insurance quote, you can visit us at www.shawncampinsurance.com or call at (800) 212-2641. We specialize in Auto, Progressive, Homeowners, Recreational Vehicle RV, Boat and Motorcycle insurance.

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Motorcycle Insurance Buyer’s Guide

by Administrator 19. June 2013 07:11

Riding a motorcycle carries more risk than driving a four wheeler, which makes it all the more important to choose your insurance plan carefully. In some states, you have to show proof of insurance before you can legally purchase a motorcycle. While the legal motorcycle insurance requirement in most states is that of liability coverage, it is advisable to get comprehensive coverage, since this would cover expensive medical bills in case you are hospitalized. Interestingly, your driving record on four wheels shall dictate how much you pay towards insurance premium for your motorcycle.

Other factors that shall determine how much you pay for your motorcycle insurance include your age, the type of motorcycle you ride, where you shall store it, etc. You can bring down your insurance premium by buying it from the same insurance company that you use for your auto insurance.

Here’s a look at the types of coverage included in motorcycle insurance-

  • Bodily injury liability and property damage liability- If you are riding a bike in Killeen, TX, this is the minimum coverage that you shall need to have. This covers expenses of bodily injury and property damage to others, in an accident in which it was your fault.
  • You shall need to purchase additional guest passenger liability coverage for injuries caused to a passenger riding with you.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage- This coverage pays in case of damage caused to your bike in an accident (collision coverage), or other incidences like vandalism, theft, fire, etc. (comprehensive coverage). The insurance company shall pay for repairs, or for the total value of the bike depending on the extent of damage.
  • Uninsured motorists’ coverage- While this is not mandatory for bike riders in Killeen, it is advisable to buy this coverage, as it can avoid you having to pay for hospital bills in an accident with a motorist with no insurance or insufficient coverage.
  • Accessory coverage- This extends to any parts or accessories that were not originally installed by the manufacturer. This includes GPS systems, stereo systems, sidecars, custom paint, safety riding apparel, and even permanently installed electronic equipment like bolts and brackets.

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