Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs

by Administrator 19. June 2014 12:29

If you own a car, one thing you cannot avoid is car insurance. It makes sense to take out a car insurance policy to ensure that you are financially covered in case of damage or accidents. Since there are numerous legal factors concerning car ownership and accidents, and due to the fact that car prices have steadily risen over the past few years, car insurance can be expensive. Trends indicate that car insurance costs are not going down any time soon. Fortunately, there are a number of ways through which you can significantly reduce your car insurance costs so as to ensure that your car insurance payments become more pocket friendly. Here are a few particularly effective tips.

Using One Insurance Company

One great way to reduce your car insurance costs is to use one particular insurance company for all your insurance needs. There are areas where you need insurance, including home insurance, renters insurance, insurance for valuables and car insurance. If you take out insurance policies for all of these separate areas from one particular company, you might be eligible for a multi-line discount which significantly reduces your car insurance costs.

Having a Larger Deductible

The deductible is a preset amount that you have to pay out of your own pocket when you make a car insurance claim. Setting a higher deductible is a great way to reduce your car insurance costs. Consider your financial situation and choose the highest deductible amount which you can pay comfortably and your car insurance premiums will become significantly less.

Driving Carefully

Almost all car insurance companies provide better premiums for those car owners that drive carefully. If you steer clear of traffic violations and accidents, you can expect your insurance company to give you a large discount on your premiums. Furthermore, some companies even increase the amount of the discount given if you can sustain your safe driving performance for many years. Many companies will also give you large discounts on your premium if you take a defensive driving or accident prevention course.

Driving Less

The general rule with car insurance is that, the more you drive your car the more the chance that you can face an accident, and therefore the more you pay in terms of insurance premiums. If you are an infrequent driver or use carpool and mass-transit regularly, then it means that you will be driving your car less. This makes you eligible for lower car insurance costs.

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What All Is Included In Homeowners Insurance

by Administrator 11. June 2014 12:09

Nowadays, most homeowners opt for homeowners insurance to safeguard themselves against possible damages and to be covered for losses in case of heavy, expensive repairs or replacements. Insurance policies are all different and unique. It is the duty of the homeowner to be fully aware of exactly what is covered within the scope of the insurance before opting for it. There are certain things that all policies usually cover and a few things that get covered only in specific homeowner insurance policies.It is wise to ask questions and make adequate enquiries to be fully satisfied regarding what is covered in a particular insurance plan before you choose it for your home. Here is a list of things which are commonly covered in most homeowner insurance policies.

  • All typical homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for the actual house against a number of broad damages. While your actual house is covered, certain other structures inside your property are also usually covered. These might include sheds, garages, fences, driveways and other significant structures.
  • Typically, homeowners insurance also covers personal property and possessions. This is also known as contents insurance and on an additional coverage charge it also covers high-value items like artwork or expensive jewelry.
  • Not all items are given replacement cost cover with homeowners insurance. Replacement cost cover signifies that in case of damage, you will be covered for the original cost of the damaged item. However, many insurance policies can also offer fair market price cover, which allows for depreciation that occurs with time.
  • Homeowner insurance policies typically cover a large range of natural disasters. In certain areas which are prone to earthquakes or tornadoes, there might not be automatic coverage for these scenarios. Scenarios which are typically included are storms, hail, lightning, fire and damage by falling objects. Additional coverage can be purchased for other kinds of natural disasters.
  • You can opt for additional coverage in your insurance policy against flooding, flash floods and sewer backups as these are typically not included in homeowners insurance.
  • Most policies cover incidents of personal injuries while inside your property. These can include injuries caused by incidents like slips and falls.
  • It is extremely important to have an understanding of the deductible amount while making a claim.

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Don’t Fall Short on Car Maintenance: Insurance Killeen

by Administrator 4. June 2014 11:51

Car maintenance is a very important aspect that an insurance company looks into before settling a claim. When you get involved in an accident and claim insurance you should make sure that your car was fully maintained in the first place. If this is not the case, you might not get the insurance money.

Read on to know what all aspects you need to take care of so that you don’t fall short on car maintenance.

  • Improperly inflated tires are one of the major causes of accidents. In case of a deflated tire, you might also find yourself stranded alone on the roadside. Therefore, a tire pressure gauge must be used to maintain the correct inflation levels. Tire manufacturers are experts in this and you must contact one to know the right tire pressure for your automobile.
  • In case your power steering fails, it is almost impossible to control your car. So, it is imperative to check the power steering fluid to keep it functioning smoothly.
  • Similarly, you must also check for the correct oil level in your car. Simply use a dipstick to know the exact level of oil. Changing oil on a regular basis is highly recommended as this is one of the important factors that keep your car running smoothly. This will also help you determine any oil leakages and prevent any accident.
  • Regular maintenance of any car involves checking the brake pads. They are very important in case you want to prevent an accident. If your brakes are not in a good condition and you get involved in accident because of the same, the insurance company will not entertain any of your claim requests. So, be careful and get your brake pads maintained on a regular basis.
  • As mentioned above, the pressure in your car tires is an important factor that can prevent road accidents. However, the tires themselves have to be well-maintained too. You must regularly check your tires for any sort of wear and tear. Any bulges must be immediately taken into account as they can cause your car to skid on the road leading to a major accident.
  • If even a single light in your car is not functioning properly, it is a really dangerous sign as far as road safety is concerned. Moreover, when the insurance company will come to know about it, you are bound to lose your monetary claim. Therefore, regularly maintain your brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights etc. This is a very important criterion for preventing accidents.

Keeping the above pointers in mind will keep your car in the best of shape and avoid road accidents. In case you fall short in any of these departments and get involved in an automobile accident, the insurance company is not going to be kind to you.

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