Top 5 Craziest Insurance Policies Ever Drafted

by Administrator 21. January 2013 06:09

When most people talk of taking insurance policies, they mean insuring their auto-mobiles  liabilities, health, businesses, homes and other normal things. However, these are not the only policies that insurance companies can draft. Some people are known to seek out ridiculous insurance policies, and below are 5 of the craziest of these policies.

Immaculate Conception Insurance

Three Scottish sisters insured their virginity with British Insurance. The sisters believed that if there was ever going to be an immaculate conception, God would choose one of them to be the mother of the child. As a precaution against that risk, the sisters paid premiums of $150 per year to the insurance company, for a potential pay-off of $1.5 million. Unfortunately, there was a public outcry when people realized what was happening and the insurance firm had to cancel the policy. In fact, the company claimed that it had been donating the money to charity all that time.

Chest Hair Insurance

A celebrity was considered as a sex symbol for many years, so he took out an insurance policy from Lloyd's for his chest hair. He did this to protect his sexiness, which he believed stemmed mainly from the mane of hair on his chest. Although he had kept his chest hair for approximately half a century, he believed that something could go wrong any time with his prized possession (say a spontaneous combustion of his shirt) so he insured it.
Alien Insurance

This one was also offered by British Insurance. Their alien abduction insurance was mainly taken up by Californians, and the company managed to rake in nearly $3 million from this policy. The policy was meant for alien abduction victims who were afraid that the aliens would insert medical objects into their anal regions. Is it funny that the managing director of the insurance company deemed the venture a profitable joke?

Ghost Insurance

There are insurance policies against ghosts and other kinds of spirits. A pub owner in England took one of these policies that promise to pay £1,000,000 (approximately $1,300,000) if a customer or an employee is permanently disabled or injured by a ghost within the premises. The owner of the pub became interested in this policy after he allegedly saw ghost shooting glasses though his bar one night. The premiums are reportedly £500 (approximately $660) a year.

Taste Buds Insurance

A British food critic believes he has one of the most exciting jobs in the world, and many people would agree. In case his precious buds are damaged by extra spicy foods, his career would certainly end. Therefore, he is not leaving anything to chance. He has taken out a $400,000 insurance policy against his taste buds.

The insurance industry is surely strange, but it does not have to be so. If you want to know more about different types of useful Killeen Insurance, call a Shawn Camp Insurance agent today at  (800) 212-2641.

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