Points To Consider When Filing An Insurance Claim

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Filing an insurance claim involves requesting an insurance company for monetary compensation to cover expenses and repairs incurred due to an event covered by the insurance policy. The process of filing an insurance claim entails necessary paperwork and procedures involved to cover the losses in question. The steps for claiming an insurance policy will depend on the type of insurance coverage purchased.

Listed below are some points to be kept in mind when filing an insurance claim:

  • Report Event: On the occurrence of an untoward event, it is recommended to immediately call the police. This is a good place to start as the police report will also serve as an exact documentation of the event and help in simplifying the insurance process.
  • Document The Event: Irrespective of whether the police arrive or not, you must document the scene of accident and note down details such as insurance policy numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle model, license plate number, photos, physician reports in case of a medical emergency and more.
  • Call The Insurance Company: Next, get in touch with your insurance agent and ask for details on your course of action. Ask about the duration within which you should file a claim, whom to report the claim to and the requirements of doing so.
  • Filing The Claim: Once you have contacted the right people and collected all the information you need, you can proceed towards filing the claim. This can be done through a variety of mediums depending on whether it is approved by your insurance company or not. You can choose to file an insurance claim online, by phone, via email, fax or an app.
  • What Next: Once you have filed the insurance claim, you should expect an adjuster to visit the site of accident and assess the amount of damage. The adjustor will then come up with an amount that he deems fit to be compensated by the insurance company.
  • Consult An Expert: Talking to a professional is a smart thing to do in such cases as he will provide the right guidance regarding documents, forms to be filled and also recommend a legal assistant for legal formalities.
  • Duration: The amount of time taken by an insurance company to decide the amount of settlement will depend on the extent of damages, appointment of an adjustor, an appropriate amount agreed upon by you and the company and the state law.
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