Why to Insure Your Boat?

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Purchasing the right insurance policy for your boat is crucial. Boat insurance protects the boat owner against damage, theft, third party liability, etc. Let us take a look at the benefits of boat insurance:

  • Property Coverage: Getting boat insurance helps to protect your boat from damage caused by an accident and even helps to replace a boat if stolen irrespective of whether it is on water or land. The property coverage provided is equivalent to the actual value of the boat or the agreed amount of coverage.
  • Liability Coverage: This covers the expenses incurred to compensate for damage to another’s property due to one’s boat. The financial liability of damage caused due to an accident consists of the cost of repairs and also medical bills incurred due to injury to another person (hospital bills, X-rays and medications).
  • Uninsured Watercraft Coverage: If an uninsured watercraft collides with your boat and injures you or a passenger on board, boat insurance may help compensate you for the damages. So, even if you are amid those who are not insured, boat insurance lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of an unexpected happening.
  • Off-Season Protection: Boats that are stored away for the winter also need boat insurance to protect them from damages and risks during storage e.g. vandalism, fire, theft or any other calamity. With the right kind of boat insurance, you are not liable to handle the expenses of losses during storage yourself.
  • Total Loss Replacement: Boat insurance provides compensation for cases where a vessel sinks or is damaged beyond repair. An insurance policy that includes total loss replacement ensures that you get back to water as soon as possible. This is highly beneficial for an avid boating lover or for those who indulge in boating as a primary activity.
  • Cost of Coverage: The coverage for boat insurance depends on what your insurance provider offers, your budget, type of boat and personal requirements. To know the right boat insurance required for your boat, it is advisable to consult an insurance agent in your area. If you want additional coverage for boat trailers, accessories, special equipment, roadside assistance, total loss replacement and so on, ask your insurance provider about the same.
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Understanding Total Loss Replacement Cost

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