Things To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 18. June 2015 08:51

If you own a motorcycle, it is essential that you purchase insurance for it. Rash driving, bad weather conditions and poorly maintained roads can lead to accidents and cause damage to your vehicle. Besides, a comprehensive insurance policy is a legal requirement along with being a beneficial investment to protect your vehicle.

Here are some of the factors that you must consider to calculate risk and premium rates when buying motorcycle insurance:

  • Type Of Coverage: You might need to pay a higher premium if you expand the coverage or choose a higher limit for your insurance. These may include medical bills, custom parts and equipment, guest passenger liability coverage etc. Make sure you carefully evaluate your coverage needs to avoid over-insuring and having unnecessary expenditures.
  • Age: This is also a major factor influencing the cost of motorcycle insurance. Owing to less on-road experience of young drivers, they are likely to expect higher rates. Experienced drivers receive a lower interest rate and you can ask the agency if you can undertake a test to demonstrate your driving skills.
  • Gender: Male drivers in the age group of 16 to 25 are quoted higher premiums, owing to the more miles that they travel per year. The insurance agency may offer lower premium to women, however, the rates tend to balance up with age.
  • Riding Experience: If you have purchased a bike for the first time, you might have to bear higher insurance costs than the experienced drivers do. However, you can significantly lower this cost by completing motorcycle classes and submitting its proof along with your application form.
  • Driving Record: This is an important factor determining the rate of your policy. Insurance agency always checks an applicants driving record to look for speeding tickets, DUI arrests or any accidents. Higher number of any of these corresponds to a higher premium amount.
  • Location: The place where you live, work or park your motorcycle daily can also affect your insurance rate. If you live in an area with high crime rate, accident records and theft cases, you may need to pay a higher premium. Investing in a garage to store your bike or installing anti-theft devices can help to lower the insurance cost.

To buy affordable motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX, you can contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Auto Insurance In Killeen

by Administrator 11. June 2015 09:26

It is crucial to have auto insurance that can offer you adequate coverage in case of an accident. It is essential that you purchase a plan that is suitable to your budget and requirement.

Here are some steps that are helpful in applying for auto insurance:

  • Research the available options: You must research and look for the most suitable plan or ask your insurance agent to do the research work for you.
  • Know what coverage you need: Every state sets forth the minimum liability coverage required and you should be aware of it. You should be knowledgeable about your net worth, assets, how much protection you require, the type of coverage you need and the amount that you are prepared to pay as premiums. You can have comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays out when your car is damaged or lost.
  • Factors that affect your insurance rates: There are many factors that may affect the rates of the insurance, which includes your driving record, record of other drivers on your policy, type of car, age of your vehicle, anti-theft devices, value of your vehicle, distance you drive every year, etc.
  • Ask for discount: By taking an advanced training course and getting multiple insurances from the insurance provider you can be eligible to avail certain discounts. You must discuss this with the agent and ask for any discounts possible. 
  • Get multiple quotes: To make comparisons, get multiple quotes for the same coverage so that you get a competitive plan. While comparing the quotes, make sure that the policy length is the same.
  • Background of insurance company: After comparing the quotes, you must consider the details of the insurance company. It should boast of a good reputation in handling claims and offer good customer satisfaction.
  • Read the policy document thoroughly: The insurance application should be correct and complete. Make sure you go through the application to ensure that it includes all the conditions under which you will be paid for a claim. Review your policy to confirm it contains what you selected. In case of any doubt, ask your agent about for clarification.
  • Payment: Pay your premium in full and up front to save money. To avoid late payments, set up automatic recurring payment from your bank account. This will ensure that you don’t end up paying more or fines for your policy.

These steps can assist you in finding the auto insurance policy best suited to your needs.

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Guide To Buying An RV Insurance

by Administrator 4. June 2015 05:49

If you have a RV such as a truck camper, folding camping trailer, travel trailer with expandable ends or a fifth-wheel travel trailer, it is crucial to have it insured. RV insurance is different from auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance policies, as it combines the features of both to cover all aspects of RV.

Here are some guidelines that will help you buy the right RV insurance:

  • Liability coverage: You are required to have liability coverage even if you use the vehicle occasionally. Before buying an insurance policy, make sure it covers all potential injury claims. If your RV collides with another vehicle and damages it, the repair could be quite expensive. RV insurance pays for the damages to other vehicle and protects the driver as well.
  • Roadside assistance and towing: Make sure that your RV insurance policy offers towing and roadside assistance because towing an RV can be quite expensive. It should also include emergency expense coverage, which covers temporary living quarters if your RV breaks down. It should also cover the cost of returning the RV to the home following an accident or breakdown when you are 50 miles away from your home.
  • Stolen or totaled: ‘Agreed Value’ coverage means the insurance provider agrees upon an amount that will be paid to the insured in an event of total loss or theft.
  • Total loss replacement coverage: You can also consider ‘Total Loss Replacement’ coverage as it offers to provide a new RV to the policyholder in case there is total loss or theft of the RV that is under five years old.
  • Personal effects coverage: A specialty RV insurance policy offers personal effects coverage, which pays to replace the stolen personal property from your RV.
  • Personal liability while on the road: This offers coverage for any trips and falls at the campsite where your RV is parked and for which you are held responsible.
  • Vacation liability coverage: This covers any injuries that occur due to an accident that occurs during the time an RV is used as a temporary vacation residence.
  • Uninsured driver insurance: This type of coverage protects the RV driver from personally paying for any damages to the RV done by an uninsured motorist.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., can help you search for an RV insurance policy that best suits your requirements and budget. For more information about our insurance products, you can call at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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