How To Decide Right Coverage Limit in Auto Insurance?

by Administrator 28. January 2023 09:08

There are various types of auto insurance coverage to choose from beyond the minimum requirements of your state. The right coverage limit for auto insurance depends on factors like the city you live in, your vehicle usage, vehicle’s worth and affordability.

Listed below are tips to choose the right coverage for auto insurance:

  • State Requirements: Every state has minimum auto insurance requirements and vehicle owners are required to meet with these requirements. In addition to the coverage complying with your state’s requirements, you may buy additional coverage to fit your needs.
  • Value of Vehicle: The coverage limit should be chosen such that it is able to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of the vehicle, if needed. Get your vehicle evaluated by professionals to find its current value. The vehicle’s value is governed by multiple factors such as its manufacturing company, model, features, build year, level of use, etc. Also, consider annual depreciation while deciding the vehicle’s value.
  • Medical Expenses: Consider the cost of medical assistance in your area before choosing the right medical coverage limit. In case, the medical expenses exceed your coverage limit, you would be required to pay them out of your pocket.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage Limit: This insurance covers the cost of damage caused to other person’s property or vehicle. So, consider your assets & circumstances when choosing limit for this coverage type. Ask yourself if you drive around rural areas where most of the traffic consists of older vehicles or do you drive in areas where expensive vehicles constitute majority of the traffic. This will help you understand average cost of damage and repairs you would be levied upon for damage to other vehicle involved in an accident. Choose your coverage limit based on this average calculation.
  • Cost of Insurance: Value of coverage limit has a direct impact on the cost of insurance. Consult a good insurance agent to choose a policy that fits your budget. Ask your agent whether the insurance company offers discounts and incentives for a clean driving record, bundling insurance policies, installing an anti-theft device, etc.
  • Professional Assistance: Professional insurance agents can help in choosing the right insurance coverage limit. They are experience and equipped with the knowledge to help you make an informed decision.
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