6 Good Reasons To Get Renter’s Insurance

by Administrator 13. October 2014 07:15

If you have recently moved in your rental apartment or are about to rent one you should consider getting an insurance policy to protect your belongings. Although your landlord’s insurance policy will protect your home in case of any damage due to fire or other natural disaster, your personal belongings will remain unprotected. To ensure safety of your possessions and peace of mind you must get a renter’s insurance that provides coverage for your belongings such as home appliances, furnishings, electronics and clothes. Many people underestimate the value of their possessions against the small premium of an insurance policy. Here are some of the main reasons to get a renter’s insurance policy:

  • Affordability: An average renter’s insurance policy is not very costly as compared to the landlord’s insurance. The amount of your premiums would depend on a number of factors such as the type of coverage you need, the policy you choose, the area you live in and the deductibles that you are entitled to.
  • Coverage for personal belongings: With renter’s insurance you can have coverage for your personal belongings such as furniture, luggage, computer, jewelry, electronics and clothes. A usual renter’s policy will protect your stuff against many threats including smoke, theft, lightening or fire, explosion, vandalism, windstorm, ice or hailstorm, riots and falling objects.
  • Landlords need it: Most of the landlords require the tenants to get a renter’s insurance for their personal stuff. They want to ensure that the tenants hold the liability for any damage to their belongings.
  • Liability Coverage: Most of the renter’s insurance policies also offer liability coverage. This provides protection in case someone gets injured while in your property. The coverage helps you pay any medical or legal expenses, if you are sued by the victim.
  • Coverage while traveling: This policy will cover your belongings even if you are away from home. Your possessions are protected against the risk of damage or theft while you travel and are anywhere in the world.
  • Additional expenses: If your home has suffered severe damage and you have to stay somewhere else, renter’s insurance will pay for your incurred cost associated with food, laundry and hotel stay.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc, offer the best renter’s insurance policies to our clients according to their needs and requirements. For more information, call at (254) 526-0535 or visit us at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance Premiums

by Administrator 5. August 2014 08:32

Before buying a car, people usually consider features like style, comfort, fuel economy etc. but forget to consider the costs of auto insurance. Car insurance is an expense every vehicle owner has to live with. And if you have not considered auto insurance for your car, you may be at risk of losing on your vehicle’s total ownership. The amount of insurance depends on the type of car, whether it is a small car, sedan, SUV, sports or luxury car. It is not surprising to know that foreign cars are expensive while domestic cars are cheapest. Below are given some factors that can help you decide the least and most expensive cars to insure:

  • Sizing up the costs: People who usually presume that smaller cars are safer and have a higher rate of accident avoidance perhaps need to know that this is a common misconception. Since small sports cars are driven by young and reckless drivers, they are at higher risk of accidents which in turn makes them expensive to insure. Larger vehicles like SUV’s can easily cover up liability premiums if they are involved in an accident. Therefore, cars in mid-size category like mini vans, mid-size SUV’s or sedans should be considered.
  • High Premiums on High End Cars: The cost of vehicle is an important consideration before deciding on a policy. More expensive cars have higher costs of insurance because replacing and repairing the expensive parts or vehicle cost more than other brands.
  • High rates for big motors: Vehicles that have higher horsepower have costlier insurance. This is because people tend to drive such vehicles at high speeds and are more prone to accidents. However varying engine sizes can also bring a difference in insurance costs.
  • Personal Records: Driving experience matters a lot and therefore, young drivers have to pay more for insurance than old ones. Also, drivers who have been involved in accidents in the past are liable to pay more than who are not. The area in which the driver lives, such as urban, semi-urban or rural, is also considered. If there is a high frequency of theft and accidents in his area, the driver has to pay more for insurance than the one living in another area.
  • Increase in costs due to thefts: Cars that are durable and have higher demand of its parts are commonly targeted by thieves. If the car to be insured is a target for thieves, then it will incur higher premiums.
  • High insurance for sports car: Sports cars have the tendency to go at higher speeds which makes them more vulnerable to accidents. Due to this, their insurance costs are very high.

Before deciding on a policy for your vehicle, the insurance company takes into account all factors including the make of the car, its price, horsepower, your age, driving records etc. One should research the vehicle carefully before going ahead with the purchase to avoid higher costs of premium on auto insurance. For more information about auto insurance, please contact us at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc at (800) 212-2641.

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Cost Saving Tips For Your Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 7. July 2014 09:47

Motorcycle insurance is one way of protecting you and your bike from damages. Lately the rates of insurance policies seem to be going up and some individuals are overpaying for their insurance policies, when they clearly can save on premiums that they pay to the insurance companies. The cost of motorcycle insurance is dependent on risk and amount of protection sought. Therefore, by following the given below steps, you can significantly lower your premium amount.

  • Increasing the deductible – By paying the larger amount of any loss, you can bring down the cost of your monthly premium by a great margin. Higher the deductible, smaller will be the cost.  You can gain this information from your insurance company about the amount you can save by raising your deductible amount.
  • Choosing the right bike – Exotic and sport bikes are more expensive to repair and usually have higher insurance premium amounts than an average bike. Also, such bikes are more likely to be stolen because of their make and hence making a claim costs higher.
  • Dropping full coverage – Dropping unnecessary coverage plans like comprehensive and collision coverage can be a good idea if your bike is old. Even guest passenger liability coverage can be dropped if you frequently ride alone.
  • Asking for Discounts – Some insurance companies do not let their customers know of the discounts on their coverage plans. Therefore, it is recommended to inquire beforehand about the discounts that the company offers.
  • Get More Experience – Motorcyclists who aren't much experienced with riding bikes are involved in more accidents as compared to experienced ones. By showing that you are an experienced rider, you can take a motorbike training course. Insurance companies give premium reduction to those who pass these tests.
  • Storing the bike safely – If you want to keep your bike safe, you should store them safely. Bikes that are parked for extended periods of time are easy targets for thieves.
  • Improving financial responsibility – Companies maintain a credit report for their customers and determine how much they pay on premiums. By keeping your credit payments low and paying bills on time, companies can reduce their charges on how much you pay for insurance

Motorcycle insurance rates keep varying from one company to another. It is advisable to choose the right insurance cover from a reputable company for your bike if you intend to save big on your insurance policy.

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Tips On Shopping For Auto Insurance In Killeen

by Administrator 18. March 2014 12:19

If you have decided to buy auto insurance in Killeen, there are certain things that you need to consider. You must understand the ins and outs of auto insurance to get the best policy for the money you spend. Here are some tips that can help you get the best in terms of auto insurance.

  • Factors that affect rate: Some of the factors that influence your insurance rates include your driving record, geographic territory, gender, age, marital status, previous insurance coverage, make/model of your vehicle and vehicle use.
  • Check commonly available optional coverage: Besides basic liability package, the other coverage options available are collision, comprehensive coverage, medical payments coverage, towing and labor coverage, rental reimbursement coverage, etc.  It is to be noted that collision coverage which covers damages caused due to collision, is more expensive than comprehensive coverage, which pays for damages to your auto due to other causes such as fire, vandalism, severe weather, theft, flood, etc.
  • Get multiple quotations: To get the best deal on your auto insurance policy, get quotation from a number of insurance companies and compare their quotes. To get competitive prices provide detailed information to all the agents including details of vehicle, its use, driving license details, coverage and limits, etc.
  • Read the policy cautiously: An auto insurance policy is a legal contract between the insurance provider and the buyer. It has all the rights and responsibilities of both the parties clearly stated, so it is crucial to read the policy.  While reading the policy make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. In case you have any queries, you can contact your insurance agent for any clarification.

There are many things to consider while selecting your auto insurance policy. We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc, can guide you to choose the most suitable auto insurance policy for you. Call us at (800) 212-2641 for more information.

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Killeen Auto Insurance

by Administrator 11. December 2013 06:50

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc is an insurance company based in Copperas Cove, TX, serving various locations across Central Texas, including Killeen and Austin. If you are looking for auto insurance in any of these locations, our comprehensive insurance plans can provide you with the coverage you need, within your budget. Being one of the leading insurance companies in the region, we offer our customers a wide range of insurance options from different companies, including Progressive Insurance, to choose from.

We are a family-owned insurance company, which makes it possible for us to ensure a high level of personalized care and flexibility to each of our customers. We provide you with a wide variety of options when it comes to auto insurance, making it possible for you to customize your policy as per your requirements.

Our auto insurance includes bodily injury and property damage liability, which provides coverage in the event that you are involved in an accident in which you or another person is injured, or you cause damage to someone else’s property. You can choose between getting the minimum liability coverage in Texas, or opting for our plans with higher liability coverage. The comprehensive and collision coverage pays for the repair or replacement of your car in case of theft or damage. By opting for our comprehensive auto insurance, you are also covered for damage caused by events like vandalism, fire, floods, etc.

Another coverage that you can opt for is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which covers injuries or damages incurred in an accident in which the person at fault does not have any insurance at all, or is underinsured. In addition to this, we also provide loan/ lease payoff coverage, which comes into play in the event that your vehicle undergoes complete loss, or is stolen and not recovered. In order to add this coverage to your policy, you need to have both comprehensive and collision coverage.

If you are looking for auto insurance in Killeen or the surrounding areas, you can contact our representatives at (800) 212-2641 to learn more about the coverage options we provide. Apart from those discussed above, we also provide roadside assistance, pet injury coverage, rental reimbursement, medical payments, custom parts and equipment/ accessory coverage. Our aim with all our auto insurance policies remains to ensure that you get the necessary protection for your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers. Apart from car insurance, we also provide RV insurance, motorbike insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance.

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Cars That Cost Less To Insure In Killeen TX

by Administrator 5. June 2013 05:28

The annual premium that you need to pay for your car insurance is determined by a lot more than your driving record or the amount of coverage you opt for. A key factor that goes into deciding how much your auto insurance will cost is the car model you choose to drive. The major factors that determine the insurance cost for a particular car in Killeen TX are-

  • Frequency of crashes for the model
  • Frequency of getting stolen for the model e.g. a sports car with a convertible soft-top that offers easier entry is more likely to be stolen, than say, a sedan with an alarm system. Similarly, the overall desirability of a car, and the value of its parts are also determining factors in it being targeted by thieves.
  • Cost of bodily injury claims to insurer. Cars that offer high safety to passengers driving in them have lower insurance costs.
  • Total cost in case of complete car crash
  • Average cost of repairs. High-end models with expensive spare-parts understandably have higher insurance costs.
  • Sports cars are considered to be more prone to accidents, due to the drivers of these cars having a tendency to over-speed, making this an expensive choice from the point of view of insurance costs.

Based on these factors, the models that are cheapest to insure include-

  • Older models- these cars are typically preferred by insurance companies in Killeen TX, owing to the lower risk of their drivers over-speeding.
  • Cars with advanced factory-approved safety features, e.g. airbags (front, passenger, and side), factory-installed alarms, car-thief detectors, fuel tank cut-offs, etc.
  • Sedans, mini-vans, and other utility vehicles.
  • Cars with smaller motors. A low horsepower engine means a lower risk of over-speeding, hence lower insurance costs.a

These tips can help you to choose a car model that strikes a perfect balance between low insurance costs and the specifications you are looking for-

  • You can use average insurance cost tools available online to determine the insurance premium for a particular model that you might be considering.
  • Once you have narrowed down your choice to two to three vehicles, it is a good idea to consult your insurance provider regarding the insurance charges for these specific models. While it might not be advisable to choose a car solely based on these criteria, it can help to decide a tie.

For cheap insurance in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Gatesville, Austin and Temple TX, call Shawn Camp Insurance at (800) 212-2641.

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How To Make Shopping For Home Insurance Easy

by Administrator 25. March 2013 07:07

Getting home insurance for the first time can be a challenging process, with all the variations in policies leaving one confused as to what they really need, and what is just a mere waste. If you have just moved into your new home and are trying to figure out how Insurance in Killeen works, we have it all sorted for you in this easy to follow guide on buying home insurance-

  • A good place to start is your auto insurance company, as you might land a discount on your home insurance from the same company. Insurance agency can also help you figure out your options and choose from different price quotes suited to your needs. Apart from seeing independent agents, it is also a good idea to visit some big insurance agencies, who might have some attractive deals for you.
  • While assessing these quotes, it is important for you to assess the amount of coverage that you shall need. As you make this decision, remember that your home insurance should reflect the cost that would be incurred in rebuilding the house, as opposed to its market value.
  • In most cases, your home insurance automatically covers your possessions, which means that you do not have to have separate insurance for all valuable items in your house. Typically, this insurance is a certain percentage of the complete home insurance.
  • However, the insurance for certain items like jewelry and antiques may be limited to a fixed value, which might not be enough if you have any particularly valuable items. In these cases, it is a good idea to get separate insurance for these items.
  • Before finalizing the deal with the insurance company, make sure that you look carefully into all their policies regarding security, mode of payment, claims handling, etc. You need to understand the fine prints of your insurance contract before signing up for it.
  • Finally, ask your insurance company if there is anything you can do, such as home improvements, buying auto insurance, etc., to bring down policy costs. It is quite possible that come insurance agencies can give you discounts on insurance policies.

For cheap insurance in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Gatesville, Austin and Temple TX, call Shawn Camp Insurance at (800) 212-2641.

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