How To Save On Your Motorcycle Insurance Premium

by Administrator 24. July 2017 08:03

It is important to have an extensive insurance coverage for your two-wheeler so that you and your vehicle are safe on the road. However, before buying any particular insurance policy, it is essential to shop around for an optimum policy that provides maximum protection and offers a desirable monthly premium. This will help you to save money and add to your finances in the longer run.

Listed below are some many ways in which you can save on your motorcycle insurance premium:

  • Get Certification: In order to get labeled as a safe rider, enroll yourself in a training course and get the requisite certification. These courses are specifically beneficial if you are a new rider or have been through an accident lately. Safe riders are eligible for insurance discounts but the amount varies from one lender to another. However, this discount is mostly applicable once every 3 to 5 years.
  • Choose Your Bike Wisely: It is imperative to choose your bike well because this directly impacts your insurance premiums. For instance, if you have an expensive or niche bike; be prepared to shell out more money as insurance premium every month. On the other hand, an older model or a used motorbike will attract lesser rates of interest. This is because the repair and replacement costs in such cases are much lower.
  • Maintain A Clean Driving Record: Having a clean driving record basically corresponds to having fewer or no accidents, tickets and other rule violations. Most of the insurance companies offer significant discounts to drivers with a good record on the road. However, every insurance company might have its own definition of what they mean by a clean driving record. It is best to discuss with your insurance provider if you are eligible for this discount.
  • Get Multiple Policies: Opt for an insurance agency offer discounts on motorcycle insurance if you have more than one policy with them. Therefore, if you already have any ongoing policy with your insurance provider, ask if you can get discounts for maintaining multiple policies with them.
  • Select The Deductible Amount: Deductible is the amount that you need to pay from your pocket after a mishap or accident. A higher deductible on your part corresponds to lesser risk for the insurance company. This consequently brings down the insurance premium and you can save money. You need to be sure if you can cover the deductible costs without putting a dent in your budget.
  • Have Additional Security For Your Bike: Having added safety features in your bike can also bring down your premium rate. Therefore, make sure your bike is fully protected against theft, vandalism or other accidental damage possibilities. This will make you eligible for insurance discounts.

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Common Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Administrator 19. January 2015 13:46

Insurance is very important to safeguard any investment, be it a home or a vehicle. However while buying insurance it is crucial to choose the right plan in order to save money and receive full coverage. Whether you are purchasing insurance for the first time or you have already bought an insurance plan, you must consider certain important aspects to get the best plan.

Setting Wrong Priorities

Often people consider buying insurance as a mandatory task that is required by law and take quick decisions. They fail to set the right priorities and focusing on saving tax. However, it is important that you select the insurance plan carefully while considering the coverage, premium and other details of the policy. Your decision should be based on the benefits offered and your individual needs.

Buying The Cheapest Policy

You should carefully consider your personal requirement and not purchase the cheapest policy that is available. Whether you are looking for auto insurance or home insurance you should make sure that you get maximum coverage that you require and can afford. You should get good value for money and buy a policy that is the most suitable to your personal requirement.

Choosing Wrong Plan

This is another common mistake that people often commit when purchasing insurance. They choose a plan without considering all its aspects, which is a crucial step. You should evaluate your requirements and check all the available options and then decide on the plan. Insurance is not an investment, rather it is intended to cover the risks and offer you protection.

Not Doing The Calculations

It is a common mistake that people purchase comprehensive plans rather than choosing standard plans. The comprehensive plans offer higher coverage; however, they sometimes come with very high premiums. You must assess your requirements before purchasing a plan as over-insuring as well as under-insuring is a problem.

Not Hiring An Agent

You should be informed about your requirements and research for the best plan but a professional insurance agent can help you get many benefits. He is experienced in the field and can suggest a plan that might be beneficial for you in the long run. You should consider taking the advice of an agent to make a well-informed decision.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can shop the best available insurance plan and safeguard your investment.

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