Guide To Choosing The Right Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 19. March 2019 07:16

If you own a motorcycle, it is important to get it insured. Motorcycle insurance provides a financial cushioning to the owner in case of an accident and offers coverage against liabilities like bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive & collision, medical payments etc. The choice of motorcycle insurance depends upon numerous factors like the type and size of bike, rider’s history, etc.

Following are some points that can be helpful in choosing the right motorcycle insurance:

  • Knowledge About The Requirements: Before choosing a motorcycle insurance policy, you should research about the insurance requirements mandatory in your state. Most states require the motorcycle owner to have a basic liability insurance. However, you can buy additional coverage as per your individual need. 
  • Coverage Options: It is important to have thorough knowledge of the coverage options available in the market. You can choose from various motorcycle coverage options such as comprehensive coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist, medical coverage, roadside assistance, etc.
  • Discounts: Insurance providers may offer various discounts to their clients based on factors like a clean driving record, a motorcycle rider training course, being a part of a motorcycle rider’s organization, additional safety accessories attached to the vehicle, condition of the motorcycle etc. Ask your agent if you qualify for any discount and provide proper documentation to support your qualification.
  • Know The Factors That Affect The Insurance Premium: The cost of motorcycle insurance is governed by numerous factors including personal factors like age and occupation of the rider, experience as a rider, previous riding record, ticketing history, area of residence etc. It is also affected by the type of bike (make and model), vehicle’s security features, safety ranking of the motorcycle, average usage of the motorcycle and more. Having thorough knowledge about these factors can help you choose the right insurance plan at the right price.
  • Look Into The Process Of Filing A Claim: Before choosing an insurance plan, you should know the process of filing a claim. Ask your insurance provider about the timeline and hierarchy of claim procedure. It is important to know the details such as the point of contact for filing the claim, waiting period, deductibles etc. 

Consider the various insurance plans available for you and choose the one that offers maximum coverage and hassle-free claims process at the right price. 

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. provides affordable motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX. Clients can choose from a wide range of coverage options or get a personalized coverage to fit their requirements. They can also request free online quote for desired coverage. To know more about motorcycle insurance in Killeen, visit 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, TX-76542 or call at (254) 526-0535. 

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How Is Your Motorcycle Insurance Calculated?

by Administrator 11. March 2019 13:42

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Tips To Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

by Administrator 19. June 2017 00:56

Comparing motorcycle insurance quotes is an important step before actually buying an insurance policy for your bike. Shopping around and comparing prices can help you fetch the lowest insurance quote. This will eventually help in saving money on insurance premiums. It is imperative that you do not finalize the first lowest quote you get as it  may actually cost more over a period of time.

Broadly, motorcycle insurance provides the following types of coverages:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Medical bills

Below is a list of certain tips that can help in comparing motorcycle insurance quotes:

Check the coverage provided

The first and the most important thing that you need to look into is the amount of coverage provided by a certain motorcycle insurance policy. When an insurance quote is lower, the intended coverage may also be limited. Therefore, make sure that you read the coverage details of each quote to get an appropriate policy.


This is the amount of money you need to shell out even before the commencement of your motorcycle insurance policy. So, be clear about how much you can afford and choose a policy based on the deductible amount. Carefully check if a policy is actually less expensive due to a higher deductible. Always start from the least deductible amount as it can be altered at the time of renewal depending on your financial capability.

Look up on the Internet

Comparison websites offer you the privilege of comparing motorcycle insurance quotes while sitting in the comfort of your home. You can request online quotes from multiple insurance agencies and companies to get the cheapest deal for yourself. Looking up on the Internet can save you a lot of time and money as you don’t need to go to individual agents.

Know if you are eligible for discounts

Even before you start comparing motorcycle insurance quotes, it is best to know what all discounts you may be eligible for. Online quotes generally don’t mention the discounts; therefore you need to call the insurance agency directly to know what you can expect in terms of discounts. Some of the popular discounts are based on your driving record, the type of bike you own and buying multiple policies from the same insurance company.

Review company ratings

Compare the service quality of various insurance companies to know which one will be the best for you. Review the company ratings. You also need to check the track record of the insurance company and learn about the average time taken to settle a claim. This will help you in making an informed decision.

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Questions To Ask When Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 15. March 2017 12:24

It is essential to buy appropriate motorcycle insurance to protect yourself and your bike in case of an unfortunate accident. However, you need to clearly understand about all the inclusions in your policy so that you know what to do in case you need to make a claim. Customize your motorcycle insurance policy to get the maximum benefits out of it. Below is a list of certain questions you need to ask when purchasing motorcycle insurance:

What is the minimum coverage required? : Every state has different requirements when it comes to minimum coverage for your motorcycle. Learn about the least liability coverage that you will require and then proceed on to have additional coverage based on your individual situation. For instance, if you have expensive gear or bike accessories you would want to insure them separately.

How much insurance do I need? : You can opt for different types of motorcycle insurance such as: collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, underinsured coverage etc. You need to be sure about what more you require apart from the basic coverage. For e.g.: collision and comprehensive coverage is necessary to provide financial protection in case your motorcycle gets damaged in accident, fire, theft etc.

What all is covered? : Many motorcycle owners want to know whether the safety gear, custom parts and other motorcycle accessories are covered under their regular insurance policy. However, you need to know that standard coverage might or might not provide coverage for custom parts. You need additional coverage depending on what all you want to get insured. Get in touch with your insurance provider to know the details of your policy.

Am I eligible for insurance discounts? : Ask your insurance provider if you are eligible for any kind of discounts in your insurance policy. While some insurance providers give discount to motorcyclists who have done a safety course, others might give you concession based on your good driving record.

Can I get replacement cost coverage? : Again, you need to confirm this from your insurance provider as this depends on your policy. Although comprehensive and collision coverage provides financial protection in case your bike gets damaged, but you can get replacement cost coverage on some models if your bike is less than a year old.

Can I get roadside assistance? : Your insurance policy might provide roadside assistance coverage for an unforeseen circumstance. Under this type of coverage, your bike will be towed to a repair shop in case it gets damaged on the road due to any reason. You can also get some other basic emergency services included in this type of coverage. Moreover, trip interruption benefits are also provided by certain insurance providers.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., offer comprehensive motorcycle insurance to the residents of Killeen, TX. For more information, call us at (254) 526 - 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Ways To Save On Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 21. July 2016 07:38

An appropriate insurance policy is a must if you want your motorcycle to be fully protected in case of an unfortunate accident. While buying a motorcycle insurance policy, it is important to keep a few things in mind so that you can save money. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Size of your bike: The premium rates greatly depend on the make/model and engine capacity of the bike. A powerful engine can make the bike run at a very high speed, thereby increasing the risk of an accident. Therefore, you should try to buy a bike that is not too heavy and can be ridden rode safely. This is particularly true if you are going to buy a motorcycle for the first time. An easy-to-ride bike will help to bring down your insurance rates to a great extent.
  • Take a safety driving course: Novice or teen riders are bound to pay more money for motorcycle insurance as they are more likely to get involved in accidents as compared to experienced riders. Getting trained and certified in motorcycle riding can help you save money on your insurance policy. In a motorcycle safety class, you will learn about driving the bike efficiently while also ensuring others’ safety on the road.
  • Raise the deductible: Although increasing the deductible means you will have to shell out more money in case of an accident, it can significantly reduce your insurance premiums. However, you should raise your deductible only after evaluating your finances to see if it is an affordable option for you.
  • Drive less: If you ride your bike on a daily basis, there is a higher probability that you will have to pay a higher insurance premium. Even if you have a safe driving record, being a frequent rider increases your risk of being involved in a road accident. In order to save money on motorcycle insurance, you may consider riding your bike occasionally and ask for discounts on low annual mileage.
  • Store your bike safely: Installing an anti-theft device in your bike or parking it in a locked garage can bring down your insurance premium rates. Insurance companies charge less from riders who have a safer storage facility as this lowers the chances of the bike being stolen.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., offer affordable motorcycle insurance policies in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Motorcycle Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

by Administrator 23. June 2016 08:32

When shopping for a motorcycle insurance, you must make sure that you know about the optimum coverage amount required, ways to get lower monthly premiums and procedure involved. You can get in touch with an insurance agent as he can help you to customize a plan that suits your bike type, driving needs as well as fulfill the state’s insurance requirements.

Following are some questions that are frequently asked by customers before buying a motorcycle insurance:

What kind of coverage do I need?

The comprehensive coverage policy which covers all expenses related to repair and damages of your motorcycle. Collision coverage pays for the expenses in case the vehicle is involved in an accident. Liability coverage covers expenses if there is a damage caused to a third party by your motorcycle. The coverage also varies as per the make of your bike. Therefore, you may need to pay different monthly premiums for a sports bike and a cruiser bike.

How do I make my premium payments?

Once the premium amount is fixed, you will be asked to choose your preferred payment method. It could be a by check, cash or online transfer. You will also be given a date by which the payment must be made every month.

Are there any discounts?

You can consult with your insurance agent about any discounts you can avail to lower their monthly payments. There is multi-policy discount which is offered if the customers combines some other insurance (personal, auto, health etc.) with their motorbike insurance. If the rider has taken special driving courses or has installed special lock brake, disc locks, immobilizer, ground anchors etc., he may be eligible for further discounts.

How do I file a claim?

If there has been a theft, collision or damage and you need to make a claim, call your insurance agent within 24 hours. If there is police involved, the paperwork from their end may also be required to finish claim formalities. In the event of no-claim in the entire tenure of the policy, you may get special discounts at the time of renewal.

Do I get roadside assistance in this policy?

With a slightly higher premium amount, one can have roadside assistance included in his policy. This is helpful specifically if the motorcycle is driven on long distances as it is an assurance that can get immediate help in case your vehicle breaks down unexpectedly.

Contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. to buy motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX. For details about the coverage options, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535.

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Tips For Buying Motorcycle Insurance In Killeen

by Administrator 6. May 2016 12:10

Motorcycle insurance is imperative to provide financial protection to the rider as well as the bike. The risk of injury is high while driving a bike and even the most seasoned riders can fall prey to over speeding despite taking the precautionary measures.

Types of motorcycle insurance coverage:

  • Comprehensive coverage: It provides coverage for damage caused due to theft, vandalism, fire, storm etc.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): It will pay for the medical bills in case you get injured while riding the motorcycle, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Collision coverage: The insurance company will provide coverage in case you have an accident with another vehicle or object.
  • Accessory coverage: You should include this in your policy if you want coverage for any customized accessories you might have added to your bike.

Below are some useful tips for buying motorcycle insurance in Killeen:

  • Shop around: Different insurance carriers in Killeen offer varied rates of interest. Therefore, it is important to shop around and consult at least three insurance providers to compare the rates of interest. You can get a lower rate of interest depending on your driving record, credit history, type of bike, your location etc.
  • Select the plan you require: You can decide the amount of coverage you require by taking into consideration the type of bike you ride and its usage. You can take your pick between a simple liability plan and a comprehensive plan. You also need to take into account the area in which you drive your two-wheeler. Keeping all the above factors in mind, you can choose the limit of insurance coverage that you need.
  • Protection for co-passenger: Your co-passenger requires a separate insurance cover as he is not automatically covered under your insurance plan. Therefore, it is crucial to buy Guest Passenger Liability coverage to protect your co-passenger in case he gets injured while you are riding the bike.
  • Ask for discounts: A motorcycle training course can help you become a safe rider and consequently make you eligible for insurance discounts. Apart from this, insurance companies also offer discounts to the riders with clean driving records. It is important to talk to your insurance provider to know what all reductions you can get in the insurance rates.

Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a wide range of motorcycle insurance coverage options to the clients in Killeen, TX. For details, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101, Killeen, Texas 76542.

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Stay Protected With Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 14. March 2016 11:01

Motorcycles are expensive and must be protected against harm. While on the road, there may be many things that can go wrong with the vehicle. Insurance gives a sense of security and guarantee in case the motorcycle is damaged in an accident or requires repairs. It is best to insure against all eventualities so one does not get burdened with financial liabilities in case of a mishap. Motorcycle insurance is also like auto insurance where there will be a set limit up to which the company will pay and the rest will have to be paid by the owner.

  • Claims: When involved in an accident or breakdown, it is advised to immediately get in touch with the insurance agent. He will come and assess the situation to determine the liability accrued to the policy holder.
  • How much is enough: Based on the make and usage of the bike, one may decide on what type of insurance policy one would like to take. There could be a standard policy and if the bike is premium, one may customize the policy to include features suited to their needs.
    • Personal injury coverage: This insurance pays for any bodily harm caused to the rider while riding the bike.
    • Property damage liability coverage: If the bike causes any harm to someone else’s vehicle, property or other structures, this cover will help to pay for those damages.
    • Collision cover: If the bike is involved in any sort of collision with another vehicle, pole or divider, this cover will pay for damages caused to the motorcycle.
    • Medical Payments: All hospital bills, doctor fees get covered under this. One may take this for personal claim or for the injury caused by the vehicle to pillion rider or third party.
    • Theft and Vandalism cover: This helps if you frequently use your bike for trips where it may have to be parked at unknown locations.
    • Customized parts: This covers damage or repair of any customized parts in the bike like GPS system, accessory socket etc.
    • Roadside assistance: In case of breakdown of the bike, roadside assistance helps in towing and repair of the vehicle.

It is recommended to consult an insurance agent and work out the best policy according to your individual needs. He will help you to compare policies and evaluate the discounts offered by various carriers before signing a policy.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., can help you find suitable motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535.

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Motorcycle Insurance Killeen: Commonly Asked Questions

by Administrator 14. December 2015 13:17

Insuring your motorcycle will give you peace of mind and help to enjoy your bike ride to the fullest. Every bike owner wants to know what all coverage is required for his vehicle and how he can save money on overall insurance costs. There are several questions that you need to be clear about. Following are some of the commonly asked queries about motorcycle insurance:

How much cost do I need to incur for my policy?

While some states require you to get a certain type of coverage for your bike, others may not make it mandatory. Broadly, you require two major types of coverage in your motorcycle insurance policy – Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Bodily Injury Liability. The rates for both these types need to be at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per occurrence.

How is my motorcycle insurance rate determined?

Some of the factors that establish your insurance rate are:

  • Type of motorcycle you own
  • The area where you reside
  • Your driving history
  • Age
  • The types of coverage mandatory for your bike under state law
  • Your financial history

Is my optional equipment covered?

If you have got a customized seat or a special part in your motorcycle after buying from the manufacturer, make sure to ask your insurer if all the optional equipment are covered in the policy. There are many policy providers who give comprehensive coverage but it may differ from agent to agent.

Should I buy collision coverage if I possess an old bike?

This will entirely depend on your situation. If you think your bike is less in worth than the amount of money you are paying for collision coverage, it is advisable to limit or drop collision coverage. However, if you are still repaying your motorcycle loan, the bank will require you to protect its investment with collision and comprehensive coverages. In case you completely let go off this coverage, you will have to incur the entire cost of repair or replacement. Therefore, you need to find a middle path and balance both the factors.

Can I avail any discounts?

There are some insurance agencies that offer multi-policy discounts. So, apart from your bike you can also buy another policy from the same insurance provider. Confirm from your respective agency as to what all multi-policy discounts they offer their customers. As far as motorcycle-specific discounts are concerned, you can get concession if you have undertaken safety courses, have an airbag or anti-lock brakes etc.

What are the available payment plans?

Most of the insurance agencies will give you the flexibility of paying your premium in full or installments. It is wise to confirm from your provider what all options they have in store for you.

If you are looking for affordable motorcycle insurance in Killeen, TX, feel free to contact Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc. at (254) 526 – 0535.

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How To Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance

by Administrator 20. October 2015 13:07

Riding a motorcycle without comprehensive insurance is not only risky but also illegal in many states. With the increased number of road accidents, insurance becomes a necessity to protect yourself against any sort of financial liability. However, you need not always spend a fortune to insure your motorcycle. Here are some of the tips that can help you help save on motorcycle insurance:

  • Increase deductible: A deductible is the amount of money that you need to pay towards the insurance claim before the policy comes into effect. You can raise the deductible in order to reduce the premiums for motorcycle insurance. By increasing deductible by a few hundred dollars, you can save up to 30% on your total insurance cost.
  • Avoid making frequent claims: To reduce your insurance rate, avoid filing claims for small and trivial damages. If you will make claims frequently for minor repairs, the insurance company is likely to charge a higher rate. Hence, you should try not to make more than one claim in a year. 
  • Check for discounts: An insurance agency may offer discounts to motorcycle owners who use their bikes less often. It may also offer reduction in rates if your bike has some safety features installed or you have completed a driving course. By availing such discounts, you can easily save some money on your motorcycle insurance.
  • Keep your driving record clean: To enjoy lower insurance rates, make sure you keep your driving records clean. A skilled driver may have to pay less for insurance as compared to one who is more susceptible to accidents. Avoid including any other driver with poor driving record to avoid paying hefty premiums. Having a teen rider in your policy can also make your insurance rates soar.
  • Avoid paying coverage you do not need: You can skip the coverage that you do not need. For instance, if you are going to ride the motorcycle alone, you can avoid paying for guest passenger liability.
  • Choose your motorcycle wisely: Certain sports models or high performance bikes are deemed risky by the insurance company. Therefore, you should choose your bike according to the premiums you are willing to pay. Make sure you do a thorough research before buying the bike.

We, at Shawn Camp Insurance Agency, Inc., offer a wide range of motorcycle insurance policies in Killeen, TX. Our agents will help you select the most suitable policy according to your budget and coverage requirements. For more information, you can call us at (254) 526 – 0535 or visit our office at 2705 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, Suite 101 Killeen, Texas 76542.

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