Pollution and the Company Car Policy

by Administrator 7. June 2011 12:24

Insurance companies have to regulate their liability in a practical manner. This is why there are suicide exclusions on life insurance policies, pre-existing condition exclusions in health insurance policies, and certain pollution exclusions in company car policies. But insurance companies can also offer unmatched coverage that protects you from certain hazards to your business—which is why there is also specific pollution coverages that you can add to your company car policy. Let’s explore the differences between the exclusions and the coverages.

The Pollution Exclusion
Your business car policy covers bodily injuries that your employees may sustain in a collision unless the injuries are a result of the release, seepage, dispersal or escape of pollutants from your company vehicle. In general, your employees should not be handling pollutants in any form unless you have the suitable coverage for this business activity. When you are handling and getting rid of pollutants in the proper manner, then obtaining coverage for these essential activities is easy and affordable. For most businesses, this is not an issue. Only select companies need to deal with waste and storage of pollutants. But it is crucial to understand what is considered a pollutant before you verify whether or not the exclusion will impact your business. Common items like paint, oil and industrial solvents may be considered pollutants so even something as simple as an office renovation could result in the transportation of pollutants.

Optional Pollution Coverage
There are periods when your company may need to be involved in the haulage and removal of pollutants. If you have pollutant coverage in your business auto policy and you are handling the pollutants in the proper way, when an incident takes place then your insurance company will usually not exclude the claim. When you are regularly involved in the disposal, storage or transportation of pollutants, this is coverage you should definitely have. Not only can it help you manage claims of injured parties and workers but it can also take care of any fines imposed by the government as a consequence of the accident and any ensuing spill of pollutants.

So before you decide whether or not to add pollution coverage to your company car policy or to accept the exclusion, try to evaluate the daily, weekly and monthly activities of your business to determine just how feasible that coverage would be for you—and just how risky it might be to go without.

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